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  • Funfair In Your Mouth

    Ebara creates an interactive PC game that uses facial recognition software to enable kids to chomp through virtual vegetables.

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Campaign Of The Week


    ANZ Bank transforms ATMs into dazzling GAYTMs to spread its message of diversity and inclusion.

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Dear Jeff Bezos...

Dear Jeff Bezos, Your latest financial earnings report really got me thinking. Why do people buy from Amazon today? Two reasons spring to mind: 1. Because Amazon is convenient (customers know they will find everything they need, at a good...

Cream Editorial

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Has Air NZ created ‘The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made’?

Continuing its long tradition of creating memorable and entertaining in-flight safety videos, Dwarves, Orcs and Elves are set to take flight once again as Air New Zealand unveils The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made ahead of the December release...

Cream Editorial

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Storymaking: The next evolution in Content Marketing

Smart brands are turning consumers into evangelists - and publishers. Storytelling is a verb, and many brands believe that means they should be telling stories about their brand, which was just another method of spinning one-way advertising. True, a brand’s...

Say Media

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