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  • Fish don't get wet

    French optical retailer Alain Affelou raises awareness of Downs Syndrome and vision problems by making children stars of an educational DVD.

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Campaign Of The Week

  • Only the defiant survive

    Dodge promotes its latest model by partnering with the star of popular TV show, Defiance, in an effort to inspire a new generation of American men.

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Cream's top Easter campaigns

Even though the Easter celebrations are only just getting started, we’ve already stuffed ourselves silly with chocolate over here at the Cream HQ! But the thought of spending hours next week at the gym hasn’t put a dampener on our...

Cream Editorial

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If you want to sell things, don’t be a marketer

“The era of the store as media is upon us” - Doug Stephens, Retail Prophet With his eloquent delivery and passion for his products, Steve Jobs could sell ice to an Eskimo, or so the saying goes. But Jobs, if...

Say Media

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The real point of a ‘SELFIE’ (and the new economics of celebrity)

People have been taking photos of themselves for years. Yet, suddenly – like the explosion of a little cultural word grenade – the word ‘Selfie’ has entered the mainstream. I bet you have used the word in conversation in the...

Cream Editorial

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  • Kaya
  • United Arab Emirates
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