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Lynx Space Academy - To Infinity And Beyond

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The stratospheric brief: To create a launch as epic as the prize on offer. For the Lynx Apollo launch, the biggest and most ambitious in the brand’s history, an epic competition was instigated to turn a regular guy into the ultimate chick magnet hero – an astronaut. Yes, really, Lynx is sending someone to space. His life will change forever– he will leave a man, come back a hero. Girls will flock towards him forever. Lynx is giving one lucky guy Lifelong Lynx Effect. 

The launch of Lynx Apollo represented a giant leap for Lynx marketing; elevated above the deodorant, shower gel and hair product markets was the Lynx Apollo Space Academy: an opportunity for Lynx to genuinely engage a huge number of guys is a cool experience. Ultimately making it so guys are willing to pay more for Lynx (Apollo) products in all three of the categories. The competition would be live worldwide, Lynx wanted its launch strategy to create a stand-out, stellar performance for the UK and Ireland with British and Irish guys being the most excited in the world and entering and participating in their thousands. 


To launch the campaign Lynx needed to think big - intergalactic big. The brand need its guys to understand that it was more than just a stunt – it wanted to get them actually applying to go to space and experiencing the Lynx Space Academy. The competition launched globally, so Lynx decided to create an epic launch moment - executing all launch activity simultaneously across owned, earned and paid media – to make sure the campaign didn’t trickle through from other markets before they could blast off in the UK. 

Lynx knows that its Lynx guys are pretty laid back so it needed to make entering the competition as easy as possible – Lynx made every campaign touch point an entry point. Lynx tapped in to connected media behaviour, adopted enthusiastically by their tech-savvy audience to make the journey to entering the competition (and to space) as seamless as possible. 


Everything (across owned, earned and paid media) had to be executed simultaneously to create a perfect epic launch moment. On January 10, 2013, at exactly 9pm, Lynx delivered the largest ever multi-media simulcast. Lynx broadcast a Buzz Aldrin video announcement simultaneously on all commercial TV channels, took over the web across desktop, mobile, tablet and gaming devices, and dominated huge OOH and cinema screens – all at exactly the same moment. 

To maximise participation and entry levels, Lynx connected and activated all media to ensure that every touch point was also a competition entry point. In a UK first, all Lynx TV ads, across all channels, were Shazam-able. This was only possible because Shazam was so excited about the launch moment that a one-time-only exception was made to its exclusivity deal with ITV. 

Viewers could simply Shazam the ad to go straight to the competition entry page. In all Lynx digital media, competition entry was just a tap or click away. Lynx activated cinema and OOH media by geo-fencing them, ensuring opted-in mobile users received a link to enter the competition at the launch moment and beyond. Lynx upped the ante with a giant astronaut (the biggest interactive digital OOH build in history), which hung from the rafters of Westfield shopping centre allowing guys to upload their face to appear in the spaceman’s visor as well as entering the competition. Guys shopping were enabled and encouraged to enter by mobile activation and ground staff. 


More than half of the UK & Ireland population and 85% of the target audience saw Buzz Aldrin announce the Lynx Space Academy Competition on launch night alone. Over 10,000 people Shazam’d the TV ad. After just three weeks, UK&I accounted for more than a third of Earth’s entries – no mean feat given the relative size of the countries.

The UK&I had the highest proportion of their population entering in the world. Lynx had 87,000+ applications and mass engagement in the form of almost a million online votes catapulting worthy cadets towards the ultimate prize. The mass reach and participation achieved have created unparalleled talkability, and brand cool is sky high. Sales of the heroed Lynx Apollo products are soaring; up by 19% vs last year’s launch.

“With such a phenomenal prize up for grabs, we required a really innovative approach to our launch comms to make sure that the news was absolutely massive in the world of our guys, wherever they were. As a result, the UK and Ireland was far and away the highest performing Apollo market in terms of competition sign-ups for several weeks after launch, and gave us a great platform to grow sales across all three of our product categories”. (David Titman, Lynx Marketing Manager)

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January - March 2013
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