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Golf and Voyage Garage Sale

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The marketing challenge was to direct people that were really interested in the promotion in the hope that they could become potential clients for Volkswagen.

The aim of this promotion was to advertise two of the brand’s medium range vehicles: Golf and Voyage. It was possible to acquire these vehicles with low cost financing, from $200,000, and as an added gift it comes with insurance to cover all risks. These automobiles can be classified in a medium range segment, in which the Colombian market is present in a group of automobile brands, such as Renault, Chevrolet, Kia and Hyundai, with strong brand awareness in the market.


The perception of the user towards the brand is that the automobile range is expensive and therefore the acquisition in first instance presents an important restriction.

Inside the purchase funnel, the aim was to impact people that were in the phase of knowledge, interest and consideration; for this reason, Arena used two main strategies: Contextual and Retargeting. With the contextual strategy, the objective was to impact people and to locate them in the two first phases, providing them the necessary advertising information to generate interest. With the retargeting strategy, the purpose was to impact the people that had already shown interest in the brand and to start in this stage of consideration, so that they would register on the client’s website.


For the execution of the strategy, the agency carried out the following process:

1. Installation of Pixels: In this stage, the retarding pixels were installed on the client’s website, in order to collect information about the behaviour of the users in the site and to classify it in audience clusters that would afterwards be used according to the needs of the campaign.

2. Activation of the campaign: Arena carried out a simultaneous activation of the contextual and retargeting strategies. For contextual it used the categories of Automobiles, Business, News, Purchases on line and travelling. For the retargeting strategy it used pixels from the home and of the section of vehicles quotation.

3. Optimisation: On a current basis there were improvement processes to these strategies, in order to optimise the client’s resources; the processes were the following:

- To verify the CTR of each strategy a direct a higher or lower quantity of budget, without saturating the category or the cluster.

- Additionally, it used the algorithm brain to optimise via an ad exchange, generating as a result that the top three for the campaign was: Altitude Digital Partners (CTR 20,77%), Creafi (CTR 0.92%), Ozone Media (0.91%).

4. Finally, the agency carried out optimisations by behaviour during the days of the week, the result being that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays it was necessary to have presence, even though the budget for these days could be lower.


The users found in the clusters of retargeting are those that showed interest in the Brand; this strategy presented a CTR of 17.49%; additionally, in the CTR of the travel category it achieved a CTR behaviour very similar to that of Retargeting, reaching 13.52%. Among these strategies, they generated more than 75% of the traffic dedicated to the landing of the campaign.

- Optimisation of 452% on the initial investment
- Amount of the final click $132 COP, which represents savings of $468 COP per click
- Of the total amount of clicks delivered, 78% were to unique users
- CTR of the campaign of 4.72% superior to the industry average of 0.1%.

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