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Sampling Machine - Fruttare Mousse

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Fruttare is the most refreshing and complete line of Kibon ice creams. Water or milk-based ice creams. With or without fruit chunks. Always on a stick.

Continuing with the growth of the Mousse line, a creamy and refreshing version, Fruttare launched in the end of 2014, in the Brazilian summer, the “Fruttare Strawberry Mousse” flavour. The creaminess, lightness and freshness of strawberry mousse, now also on a stick. A flavour explosion for the consumer.

Always with an optimistic approach, the launching of “Fruttare Strawberry Mousse” also brought the global repositioning of the brand through the “Everything gets better” concept. Fruttare started to encourage the people to live their dreams, expressing their creativity in several manners.

Fruttare believes that if the people start doing good things in life, they can make a big difference with these small gestures, and therefore can make a big positive impact in the world.

A communication platform was created, based on simple, innovative and impacting actions.

“Fruttare Strawberry Mousse” was a big multi-platform launching, where all existing media channels involved consumers, bringing surprising results for the brand in the most important period of the year, the summer.


The two big strategic challenges of the campaign were to generate awareness around the new positioning and the new flavour of Fruttare Mousse and to make the consumer, someway, have some kind of experience with the brand.

The brand built a strategy for fast reach and awareness, supported by mass media. It presented Fruttare Strawberry Mousse and the brand’s new positioning in a short period of time. It was in the middle of the Brazilian summer; so could not miss the peak moment of ice cream consumption. Alongside the campaign, it offered consumers a great opportunity to interact with the brand. An unusual manner of consumption, favoured by the moments of greater need for a refreshing product. A simple action. A surprising action.

Fruttare stimulates people to do good thing in life, through simple and unique gestures, which when added up, amount to a big positive impact to the world. To show how these simple gestures can make a difference, the brand took the initiative of sharing happiness with the people.

It distributed free ice creams to consumers. Sharing happiness. Making the difference in their lives, even if only for a moment. Stimulating generosity and the reciprocity of a good action, without asking anything in return, only hoping that something good would be done to others.

The brand transformed a simple, static, dull bus shelter, forgotten in the busiest and most famous avenue in Brazil, into an incredible Fruttare Strawberry Mousse sampling machine.

A great urban interference, altering the routine of the people who circulate on that avenue, who pass by without noticing the small initiatives that can change the world around them.


Fruttare Mousse was on television, on the consumers’ social networks, in the magazines they read... But it was also there, on the bus shelter where they wait to return home, bringing a bit of the happiness of their day materialised in an ice cream.

The brand turned a bus shelter into an ice-cream sampling machine. For two weeks, everyone who passed by Paulista Avenue had the opportunity to interact with the shelter and get a free ice cream. On the spot. Real size.

The shelter was in the heart of São Paulo, daily, from 12h00 to 18h00, distributing happiness. It transformed a piece of street furniture into an interactive freezer, capable of distributing an enormous quantity of samples without altering the conditions of the product. The popsicles were given always in ideal conditions, respecting its characteristics of temperature and creaminess. A big technological case too, given the adversity of working in a megalopolis like São Paulo, with a population of 20 million.

The action was publicised using some of the shelter’s panels, presenting the product and showing how the consumers could get theirs. Through simple identification (ID number), the consumers registered and were entitled to one ice cream per week. The sampling machine itself invited the people to photograph and share the moment using the hashtag #fruttarenarua.

The repercussion of the sharing was enough to publicise the action throughout the city, creating a buzz around the sampling machine. It was the first ice cream sampling machine in Latin America.


The action, surprising and unprecedented, was a great success. Kibon distributed more than 5,000 ice creams in two weeks, an average of practically one ice cream per minute. Always given to consumers in ideal conditions.

Thousands of consumers shared happiness, but also shared the sampling machine on the social networks. The Brazilian media embraced the idea and there were around 34 articles addressing the theme “bus stop shelter that turned into an ice cream parlour”.

The brand invested only $28,000 in the installation of the sampling machine, and got back around $150,000 in free media. However, what was actually most important was receiving back the smile on the face of each consumer who shared happiness, through an ice cream on a stick.

After the launch, Fruttare Strawbery Mousse reached the best-selling of all Fruttare flavours, representing 40% of total sales.

The Sampling Machine became a benchmark of activation and innovation in Brazil. 

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March - March 2015
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