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Everywhere TV: The Power of Real Time Marketing

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Tata Sky, a leading DTH (Direct to Home) brand in India, launched a mobile application called Tata Sky Mobile - Everywhere TV which enables a user to see live TV on the go on a mobile phone.  

Now, to use an application like Everywhere TV, a 3G-connection is a must. A profiling of 3G users in India showed 80% connections in top eight metropolitan-cities and highly skewed towards male users (72%-male 28%-female). 

Further, Maxus scanned the TV viewing habits of these audiences to figure what they missed the most on TV while they were not at home. It showed that while people love watching their favourite shows and movies, but it was live events like cricket that they missed the most. Cricket in India like a religion. 

Cricket is all about exciting moments. People remember moments more than scores or venues. For example- Sachin’s double hundred in an ODI and Kumble’s 10 wicket in a single test inning, people remember them all but don’t remember other statistics of those matches. Fans emotionally connect with the cricketing moments and hence, the joy of watching cricketing moments live as they unfold, is important to a true cricket fan.  

And Indian Premiere League (IPL), India’s biggest cricket extravaganza, provides hundreds of such exciting moments every season over a two month period. But to the dismay of most of fans, more often than not, they are robbed of witnessing these moments because of their busy schedule. They are often at work or at college or maybe stuck in a traffic jam. All that these fans can do is keep them updated on the match by checking the scores and match updates on their mobile phones. 


A search trend analysis revealed that during each IPL match there are 3.6 lakh mobile searches for scores and updates. Similarly, popular cricket mobile sites receive over three million unique visitors during each IPL match.  

The agency coupled this observation with the insight - “we realise the importance of something when we miss it” to create real-time communication of enticing cricketing moments as they happened in IPL-matches and targeted fans looking for scores/update of that match on search and popular cricketing sites. Thus, making them realise that if they had Tata Sky’s Everywhere-TV they would never miss a LIVE cricketing moment. 

Maxus ran through the IPL schedule and decided on the dates of the activity. It chose high traffic sites where people frequented to check the match scores and updates. A command centre comprising of creative team, media team and cricket experts saw the matches live and churned out ads with message of real time action in real time, example - ‘Chris Lynn just took the most amazing catch in the IPL history! Don’t miss such moments, watch them on the go with Tata Sky’s Everywhere TV app. Click to download now.’ ‘Gayle just hit the longest six in the IPL history! Don’t miss such moments, watch them on the go with Tata Sky’s Everywhere TV app. Click to download now.’ 


The campaign covered 27 such moments, ‘Pollard throwing a bat at his bat at Mitchell Starc’ to ‘AB-De-Villeres scoring 29 runs in one over’ to ‘Rohit Sharma hitting a last ball six’. Each message was accompanied with a ‘Download Now’ CTA to ensure immediate response on if the prospect had realised the benefit of the app. 

Over a period of 27 days it covered 27 popular moments. Banners for each of these moments were created as and when they happened and were pushed real time on popular cricketing sites like Cricinfo, on Google search and on dozens of cricketing sites on mGDN (mobile google display network) & mobile-Ad-networks like SmartMad.  


3.5 million people, checking scores on their mobile, came across 27 different messages that displayed exciting cricketing moments that they would not have missed if they had Tata Sky’s Everywhere TV App. Around 3,20,111 people clicked on the message, which translated into 64,001 downloads (source: Tata Sky, MAT) – 18% higher than the target. 

The agency believes this campaign is unique in following ways- 

1. It made consumers realise a need that they didn’t know existed. It leveraged consumer understanding to identify a segment who were most likely to convert and spoke to them using content that they missed while out of home. 

2. It created the perfect symphony between technology, creative and media to deliver accurately for 27 days so that the essence of the communication doesn’t get lost. 

3. It didn’t share information, it shared a solution. Consumers are more receptive to messages that offer solutions to a need than a message which is just mere information. The messaging spoke about a clear benefit of Tata Sky Everywhere TV in a situation when the consumers were facing a problem of missing the match. 

4. It redefined the approach of download based campaigns which is -Spray and pray that the right audience will see it. 

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