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Acts of Inspiration

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In India, the prejudices that families have about girls has stayed on for decades. Deprived of her right to education, the number of girls dropping out of school far exceeds boys. Girls are expected to help at home with household work like washing and cooking or taking care of younger siblings. A strong preference for sons further exacerbates the situation and adversely affects the prospects of girls receiving education on an equal footing with that of boys even at the primary education level.  

The Mother, is herself a victim of circumstances, having lived her childhood and youth, in a similarly deprived environment. Today with the proliferation of media, she has become painfully aware of women who have surpassed their limitations to succeed in achieving equality and financial independence. She is the only one who can influence her daughter’s future; but is under tremendous family and societal pressure not to educate her daughter and help her make strides in achieving her goals.  

Over the years, Clinic Plus has instituted various initiatives to strengthen the mother-daughter relationship, by empowering them. To add more force to their unwavering brand commitment, Clinic Plus launched its secondary education scholarship programme for girls to aid them complete their schooling. The Scholarship Fund enabled girls from financially underprivileged backgrounds, but with exceptional academic & co-curricular records to pursue and complete their education, and urged mothers to fight to extend their daughter’s education by a year. 

Clinic Plus challenge was about raising awareness and importance of the issue.  


Clinic Plus wanted Mothers to take up the cause of securing her daughter’s education by inspiring her, and also befriending her, so that she was not alone in this journey of the ‘girl child education’.   

The USLP had a very action oriented output. While there was information and knowledge sharing, there was also an ‘engagement’ leg. It wanted mothers to take the first step by making a PLEDGE to support her daughter’s dreams by giving her one more year of education.  

The agency believes that everything begins and ends in media. So everything Mindshare did was to orchestrate “Acts of Inspiration” in media. It deployed a two pronged strategy, using “reel” life Influencers and “real” life Achievers to inspire mothers to take the pledge. 

The “Influencers” used their on-screen personas to inspire mothers to pledge a better life for their daughters. With the “Achievers,” the agency created bespoke content showcasing their inspiring success stories where they had overcome challenges and educated their daughters.  

TV and radio, the two lead mediums, in the target markets were considered to drive home the message. 


ACT 1 | MOTHER’S DAY 2014 

Television stars are the new role models. They emphasised the importance of education, using their reel-life daughter as a reference point. The agency created a special award show “Prerna Puraskar” (Inspiration Accolades), portraying the challenging circumstances in which mothers educate their daughters. These real life mothers were facilitated in the show. 

Rather than use jingle and radio spots, it created RADIO’S FIRST FULL LENGTH MOTION PICTURE. The picture revolved around a typical Indian household, where patriarchal society norms make it difficult for the mother to educate her daughter and give her a more independent life. The two hour film was premiered across 36 Radio stations. All listeners were directed to pledge their support for girl child education via Interactive Voice Response System. 

With a leading newspaper, it distributed Clinic Plus notebooks, symbolic of the right to education, to 1.5 million households. 


This time, the Daughters from the television serials and the Radio Movie came together to re-emphasise the importance of girl child education.   

It got real-life mother-daughter celebrities on Radio, and had them speak about the trials and tribulations faced.  

Used the brand’s owned asset ‘Chulbuli’ (a radio programme) that talks about a girl named Chulbuli’s adventures, to pass on the message of “when daughters are educated, they are empowered”. 


Conducted a talent competition for 3,200 underprivileged girls. 255 girls were shortlisted and awarded scholarships. All participants were from rural government schools. 


 The brand received a whopping 4 million calls on the IVRS number where mothers pledged their support for their daughter’s education for one more year 
 83% of the audience recalled the message of 1 year education for the girl child at an unaided level 
 88% of the audience recalled the brand campaign through the communication and the print innovation was recalled by 96% audience 
 57% of the audience TRUST the brand for ‘helping the girl child education cause’. 

What is unique is that every media activity described above was focused on driving the brand USLP, but like the vision and purpose of USLP, it has also delivered business results. It goes to show that brands and organisations can deliver social change without needing to lose sight of their business ambition.

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