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P&G Shiksha

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Touching lives, improving lives. That is what P&G has always stood for since it began its journey in India. That gave birth to 'Shiksha' in 2005. The thought was simple: Contribute towards the education of under-privileged children through simple brand choices. The aim was to build the educational future of India 'brick by brick'.  

The problem lay in the reality that everyone wants to help out, but sometimes in their fast paced lives, it isn't that easy. Therein lay the challenge. The agency had to not only promote the cause but had to make it as easy as possible for consumers to contribute towards it and make it a part of their lives. 


For the last decade, the primary way to contribute to the Shiksha initiative was by purchasing products from any of the P&G Shiksha partner brands. This year, it garnered the support of the general public and popular celebrities to make this dream a possibility and reached out to the farthest corners of the nation.  

A new form of contribution called 'Kalacart' was also introduced. This facilitated the masses to make monetary contributions towards the Shiksha initiative by performing simple online actions. Conversations were created around the lack of education and opportunity for Indian children. This started a movement amongst people and spurred them to contribute and be a part of the change. The brand donated a portion of the sales every time a P&G product was purchased.  


The campaign was launched with a series of interactive films featuring a child protagonist - ‘Vidya’. These stories of Vidya, and millions of children like her who don’t have access to education, called for participation from people, struck a chord with viewers and were featured as pre-roll ads on YouTube 

FoxyMoron experimented with YouTube’s ‘Skip-ad’ mechanism using reservation media. The films that were unskippable, gave viewers two options- ‘Skip dream’ and ‘Make dream’. If the viewers clicked on the 'skip dream' button, they were led to another video that showed Vidya as a child labour whereas if they clicked on the ‘Make Dream’ button they were shown a happy, educated Vidya thanking them for their help.  

'Kalacart' was introduced for the first time in 2015. Shiksha website that featured Kala (artwork) from children across Shiksha schools allowed people to contribute via Kalacart using social currency, all they had to do was share the artwork on social media. Each time an artwork or the film was shared 1 rupee was donated.  

Shiksha got two of the biggest e-commerce market players in India- Snapdeal and Amazon to encourage contribution to the cause. Snapdeal even celebrated ‘Shiksha Day’ that resulted in contribution of One Rupee against every product purchased on Snapdeal.   

P&G brands like Ariel, Gillette, Olay and Vicks created special co-branded posts on Facebook to deliver the message of the brand as well as the initiative in the most simplistic yet heart-touching way. Eventually, even Bollywood celebrities visited the Shiksha schools, and interacted with Shiksha's digital audience on Twitter. 


With the proceeds raised from the purchase of P&G products, P&G India built and supported an additional 120 schools taking the total number of schools to 450, which will impact the lives of 8,00,000 children.  

Awareness of the Shiksha Initiative grew by 18 points as compared to the previous year while the purchase of P&G products under the influence of Shiksha grew by 9 points. 

In 2015, eight out of nine brands were associated as P&G Shiksha brands whereas last year only five brands were recognised by the audience as being Shiksha partner brands. 

- Over five million impressions on Vidya's story video across YouTube and Facebook 
- The campaign received $7.2m worth earned media via two billion impressions across key media. 
- The weekly total reach saw a 503% increase with 6.2 million fans reached.  
- The weekly total impressions showed an upward growth of 110% with 1.2 million impressions.  
- Facebook saw 1.5 million interactions.  
- The Kalakart posts on the page were shared 11,000 times.  
- First ever dedicated Shiksha e-stores in 2 of the top 3 e-tailers in India – Amazon and Snapdeal delivering free visibility worth $950m.

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