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Snickers – Sintomas

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Snickers is one of the top performers for Mars and is third in the chocolate category in Puerto Rico.  It has been performing well without strong communication but the client wanted to consolidate the second position in market share and at the same time evolve the message to engage more deeply with consumers. 

Content today is more relevant to consumers than ever; they want to be entertained and informed at every possible opportunity. How they receive the content and information has evolved from traditional news outlets to online on-the-go information. In summary, real-time engagement and delivery is essential to stand out. 

TV and print consumption is decreasing fast and the consumers are moving to other channels to be informed and interact with brand content. The internet reach and penetration is over 70%, an all-time high in Puerto Rico, where over 95% of the usage is through mobile devices. An evolution in the brand communication system and delivery needed to occur, to go from just-in-time to real-time content interaction.   


MediaCom decided that the message needed to evolve, it needed to reach consumers fast in order to be relevant. 

Snickers has strong top of mind in Puerto Rico. The previous TV campaign claim remained in peoples mind and today they recognise that when you are hungry you are not yourself, so you better eat a Snickers. “Comete un Snickers” (Eat a Snickers) is now used in every day dialogue when a person is acting weird; it has become part of popular culture. The agency decided to start from here. 

It knew that hungriness comes in different ways and symptoms, so it needed to exploit this content. Laziness, errors, change in conduct, bad behaviour, misinterpretations are all effects that happen when people are hungry. The content needed to be created around funny situations that could be thought as symptoms caused by hunger. 

After doing a deep analysis of how the consumers were behaving and interacting with the information and content, MediaCom put together a very flexible communication plan to execute. This not only allowed it to reach people anywhere, but to reach them immediately. A mix of TV, self-controlled digital billboards, social media, radio influencer’s intervention and tactical print allowed it to distribute the content in real-time. 


In order to link the current events that were happening in the country as symptoms of hunger, it needed to react fast and activate a 360 media strategy, all in a humorous tone of voice and that was able to reach consumers in real time. 

The agency created a hunger hub in the Snickers community where people expect rapid and humorous content; it is providing this through the communication system. It managed to reach consumers in a relevant manner that engages with them across platforms (TV, Social, Print, Radio and OOH), reminding them that Snickers is the perfect cure for hunger because “You’re not you when you’re hungry”. 

There were many situations, the first situation it decided to blame hunger on happened at the “Congreso Internacional de la Lengua Española” which took place in Puerto Rico. Here a reporter committed a grammatical error that echoed around the world, and Snickers immediately took the opportunity to connect with consumers. The reporter had accidentally written “majestad” instead of “magestad” when addressing the King of Spain who was at the congress. MediaCom immediately took over 36 digital billboards around the island, distributed content on Facebook and contacted one of Puerto Rico’s biggest influencers, Molusco, to share the content and make live mentions on his radio show. People started talking about how Snickers was the perfect cure for hunger. 

Later an even more embarrassing hunger induced incident happened, when a local policeman arrested a few young pro-Cannabis protesters who were seen carrying a Cassava plant (Tapioca Plant), which looks remarkably similar to a Cannabis plant. When the video of the incident surfaced, Snickers struck again. Taking consumer behaviour into consideration, the agency activated Facebook, used the social influencer Macetaminofen and used print in Primera Hora. These efforts have been not only effective but also cost efficient, with an investment of only $8K that created great engagement with the consumers and brand.  


“You’re not you when you’re hungry” has become the most successful campaign for Snickers in the market. Based on Nielsen latest results from May and Mars internal analysis, market share grew 1.3 pp reaching 12.3%, value has increased +19.0%, increase of 14.6% in units, improve relative market share vs. top competing brand from 1.14 to 1.32 and Net Sales Value increased +21%, all with only 51K of total investment in two months. 

The campaign reached 85% of people over 12+ with a Mix of TV, Social, OOH, Print and Radio. One million people were reached with the social content - some posts reached over 500,000 people individually. It quickly became a topic everyone was talking about in Puerto Rico. The social reach was over 52% in the 18+ target and it acquired 19,000 new fans - 56.3% of growth in the period of the campaign.  

The initiative achieved over 112,000 interactions during the three month period, while other high value brands in Puerto Rico had achieved an average of 20,000 interactions during the same airing time. 10,000 comments (vs. 1,000 in average for other brands) and over 33,000 shares (vs. 2,000 in average for other brands) during the period were the content was live.  

An average of 93,000 Puerto Ricans were reached daily and over 200,000 of feedback was positive. Compared to all other campaigns in the market it had an extremely positive index in engagement (179 ix.)

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Brand Owner:
Puerto Rico
March - May 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
  • FMAs shortlisted

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