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Bittersweet Pies

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The World Economic Forum released its annual Global Gender Gap Report, which ranked Romania amongst the most unequal countries in Europe (113 out of 145). While the data showed a bitter reality, most Romanians still don't believe there is a gender gap. 


Following Women's Day, bakery café chain PAUL decided to take the report numbers and talk about them – quite literally – over a cake. 


Bittersweet Pies is a new product line that shows the updated gender gap data by turning pie charts into real pies.  

The collection includes: the Salary Gap Cake (55% men: 45% women); the Misrepresentation Pie (88% men: 12% women); the Top Wealthiest Cake (24 men: 1 woman); and the Glass Ceiling Tarts (96.3% men: 3.7% women) - two tarts that reveal the scarcity of women in senior management.  

The cakes are 100% edible and the more you eat them, the more you help to fight inequality as 5% of all income is donated to FILIA – a non-profit organisation that conducts diversity projects across the country. 

Online, PAUL invited users to make their own custom cake based on data from 145 countries.  

The campaign started with billboards located next to places where change is needed, such as the National Library of Romania and Parliament of Romania. 

A written press release was baked, targeted and showed specific reporters the gap status in their own area of coverage – sport, politics, technology, finance, education etc.   

Check out the case study video here: 


The campaign resulted in vast media coverage across the country with 36,460,100 media impressions, over 73,000 Facebook shares and over 20,000 comments (95% positive).  

It resulted in a 45% raise in positive brand perception for PAUL.

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