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Diwali is the biggest festival in India but it’s cluttered too. How could a brand break away from this fierce competitive clutter of 350 smartphone brands and connect with consumers to persuade them to purchase the Honor smartphone?

Category Insight: For smartphone purchases over a certain price band, people use the online medium for evaluating the right devices and 90% of people use Google Search Engine (AC Nielson Research 2016). It was imperative that Huawei used Google Search smartly to achieve its daunting task. 

Consumer Insight: Specific to Indian culture, people exchange Greetings and Gifts with all their near and dear ones during Diwali. Every brand, too, tries to get to their consumers with personalised greetings and offers. In such a cluttered space, something that makes one feel super special as an individual is the way to their heart.

Brand Philosophy: The Honor brand (from Huawei) believes the world would be a better place if everyone knew and nurtured their own greatest strength; brave work and realise that hidden talent or heartfelt passion to its full potential. As long as there are people who want to be surprised, as long as there are people who want to be curious. 

Celebrating bravery & rewarding curiosity is essential to being “Honored”.The overall Insight was therefore: Search + Personalised Greetings + Surprise.


Honor set out to leverage its associates (social media fans & communities) across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It had a potential consumer base of 2.8 million to whom Honor could plausibly greet personally using technology to “honor” & reward their curiosity.

Agree or not, everyone searches themselves on Google to see whether there is something for them on the internet.

The communication strategy was simple. Leading up to Diwali, the agency used “Ego search on Google” as the medium to pleasantly surprise Honor’s social media followers and associates, wishing them a Happy Diwali to make them #FeelHonored this Diwali.

There were four simple steps:

Step 1: The agency released communication on its social media assets requesting fans and communities to search their own names on Google and see if there was something special for them. In order to do this, 2.8 million Honor associated names were collected from Social Media, Customers, Marketing Team and sales data.

Step 2: On Google search, the agency conducted a keyword bid for 2.8 million consumer names.

Step 3: The campaign was set up in a way that if someone searched their name on Google Search engine, lucky ones were able to see the ads and land on a hidden page where it created personalised ad messages for each and every fan who was “brave & curious enough” to search their name.

Step 4: People who clicked on search ads were shown a personalised Diwali Wish on landing making them #FeelHonored and be in with a chance to win a brand new Holly 3 device if they shared the same with peers.

Not only this, people started sharing serval photos, and were curious to know how they could get one. The spreading of the festive cheer message made Honor a lot more embedded in the consumer’s mind during the Diwali campaign period amidst fierce competitive clutter.


The execution was all in real-time.

Once the brand intrigued its associates on social media/emailers to Google their names, the lucky curious ones were shown a custom personalised message as a search ad with their names pulled in, in real-time using Google’s DSA (Dynamic Search Ads).

Technology: It used a “dynamic landing page generator” which created personalised pages with personalised URLs on the go.

For example, if 15,000 consumers clicked the ad, 15,000 personalised URLs were generated. Each URL was mapped to a search term. When the search ad was clicked it would redirect to a personalised URL giving a customised user experience.

On clicking the customised search result, consumers were directed to a specially developed site where a personalised digital Diwali card was served with delight. They were incentivised to share this on social media and tag three of their friends to try the same activity for the chance to win an Honor Holly 3 phone.


Activity ran on the Diwali weekend (27-31 October) & 15,000 consumers searched and interacted with the personalised ads with their name on Google.

The result was extremely effective as there were close to three million impressions on social media with 1,154 mentions in five days. The success of the campaign was evident in the spectacular engagement rates during the most cluttered season:

- Facebook: 2.1%
- Twitter: 14.1%
- Instagram: 7.1%
- Google Search CTR: 3.1%.

A social listening report revealed ‘Diwali2016’ was closely associated with ‘Google Name’ and ‘Holly3’ in social media with 68% positive sentiments, 32% neutral sentiments and NIL negative sentiment for the brand.

The brand saw an increase in 2,408 fans on its social pages and consumers “honoured” the campaign with 1,154 mentions.

The biggest persuaders were consumers sharing the positive user experiences on social media. It got consumers to tell the brand story to “never give up”.

The biggest Honor of all: in terms of sales, the Honor8 phone sold out!

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October - October 2016
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