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Maxis reads minds using 'Zero Moment of Travel'

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Staying connected is the key concern of most travellers. However, due to low awareness of roaming plans, travellers "silent roam" by using wifi or local SIMs, amounting in revenue loss. Telcos spend a large proportion of their budgets to educate travellers about the benefits of their roaming plans. Unfortunately, it fails to cut any ice. Communication is either too far ahead before travel, which fails to influence choices when they actually travel. Or it comes too late, when most people would have picked up a local SIM. 

The impact of the communication is compromised because of the lack of strategic data enabled targeting (imperative for a product like Roaming), whose audience is short-lived and ever changing. The traveller's pre-travel journey needs to be mapped to the minutest detail which would then guide creative and communication strategy to effectively drive results. Each pre-travel phase to the moment of travel demands different targeting, different screens and serves an entirely different purpose.  

Decrypting this was Maxis' key to succeeding. 


Agency Initiative recommended a media strategy that dynamically created and served relevant messages for travellers at the most relevant moments, on the most relevant screens, in the most relevant formats. 

The 'Zero Moment of Travel' [ZMOT] campaign was designed through multi-variate data analysis, serving unique dynamically created messages in tune with needs from each stage of a traveller's plan. The kind of online content consumed by a traveller 30 days prior, varies from the kind of behaviour exhibited 15 days prior. Similarly, when the traveller is a few days away from flight, priorities are completely different, impacting online channel choice.  

The agency mapped the traveller's mind through the stages of Planning, Booking, Waiting for Flight and eventually Departure, via detailed clues he/she left through their digital footprint. This enabled Initiative to decode their 'pre-travel' stage. Layered on top of this was a dynamic content optimisation engine, which ensured that the brand story was tailored to his specific destination and interests to drive highest impact. The strategy was to hyper-target each moment to precision through data-fuelled dynamic creatives, across multiple screens at multiple stages of the traveller's journey. 


Using the ZMOT engine, the agency analysed multiple digital behavioural cues, to map travel planning moment cycles. This guided 500+ dynamically optimised creatives made with Google DoubleClick Studio, deployed real-time programmatically across screens.  

First, the entire Maxis database of customers were matched online, creating an online custom audience, discarding anyone irrelevant.  

Then it targeted them via the three stages of pre-travel:   

Exploration Stage [40-60 days prior to flight] - Maxis customers who showed content affinity towards destinations within the Maxis Roam Network were shown dynamically customised creatives based on the destinations they had researched across Social Media, Video and Display platforms, informing them of the benefits of 'roaming on Maxis'.  

Booking Stage [30 days prior to travel] - With airline tickets and hotel bookings in their inboxes, Google Sponsored Promotion was activated, tracking inboxes for flight tickets with a custom message reminding them repeatedly to switch to Maxis Roaming for their upcoming travel. This countdown strategy led up to travel date. 

'Zero' Moment of Travel Stage [day of travel] - Airport location targeted mobile ads provided one final reminder to consumers boarding flights to activate their roaming. Thus, a consistent handholding of the traveler through multiple screens, platforms and formats was achieved throughout their 'pre-travel journey'. Once at their destinations, it retargeted silent roamers by matching Maxis customers on Facebook who were internationally logging with wi-fi, one final time. 


More than 500 different variations of creatives were served dynamically through this multi-platform, multi-screen, data-enabled 360 strategy to drive impact and deliver real time relevance. 

1. The DCO ads achieved a click-thru-rate (CTR) of 11.1%, 370% higher than industry benchmarks. Optimising creatives dynamically also led to 10% growth in CTR day on day.  

2. The Maxis Roaming portal saw a 31% hike in '50% scroll rate' (users who scrolled / viewed 50% or more on a webpage), indicating quality traffic generation.  

3. The Maxis Roaming portal also recorded increased efficiency of 5.6x in Cost per Landing Page (CpLP) at USD $0.09 compared to USD $0.51 previous quarter. 

4. Maxis Roaming Activations increased by 27.3% versus the previous quarter.  

In conclusion, ensuring a thorough understanding of the traveller journey mapped against online behaviour data points and triggering real-time dynamic content across multiple screens, ensured zero wastage and maximum relevance. An encouraging business outcome of converting silent roamers to active roamers.

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December 2015 - February 2016
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