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For the longest time, sports in India has simply equalled Cricket. It has much to do with the current infrastructure which goes hand in hand with athletics not being a viable career in this country – unless you have the money and great connections. 

Could that change? With India now poised to be a leading economy, behind it is a young demographic ambitious to carve out their future. However, the pressures of fighting for a seat at a prestigious college and following it up with placement into a big company, often means sports for young adults takes a back seat – best left to professional athletes.  

This narrative was ripe for change; today’s Indian is no longer content punching in the 9 to 5 at a regular desk job. Riding on this new self-belief in the country, Nike’s mission was to get teens and young adults playing again, to help them ‘Find Your Edge’. For in playing a sport, one becomes unstoppable, no matter what their pursuit is and therefore you become better for it. 


Disruption has always been the name of the game when it comes to Nike. 

But what made India’s take on ‘Just Do It’ unique was its approach in two ways: 

To reach this audience, Nike would have to move away from its traditional approach of big sporting events as it preached to the converted. Another first for the brand, Nike would use a music video to create the feeling of being unstoppable – their means of having a voice in pop-culture to reach Indian youth.  

This movement to ‘Find Their Edge’ would be a call-to-arms to girls to let them know that they are as much athletes as they are women. Creatively, Nike had it covered. 

Mindshare's task therefore, was to find the right media vehicles to launch this music video, which would be a break from its regular partners. To truly make this into a movement, the agency had to understand what made the audience tick?  

These 17-22 year old girls lived on their smartphones, toggling between top social and chat apps. The latest in fashion, entertainment and staying in touch was all in the power of their palm. And what inspired her? BOLLYWOOD! It’s what she watches on YouTube or listens to on music streaming apps. Bollywood is the face of all the brands she buys into and in the fashion choices she makes. Bollywood is who she wants to be. 


#DaDaDing, Nike’s anthem to get India’s youth feeling unstoppable would not just be another campaign. To kick-start this movement Mindshare launched the audio version on Hungama & Saavn, not just the top music streaming apps today but importantly how the audience discovers new tracks. Those searching for workout/running tracks on those apps discovered #DaDaDing. And with the track getting airplay on radio, it worked with Shazam to ensure the track was discoverable, leading back to 

The big launch moment for #DaDaDing video, would be at the IIFA awards - Bollywood’s answer to the Oscars. It’s where a serious sports brand was least expected. Led by one of biggest Bollywood actresses today, Deepika would introduce #DaDaDing with her heart felt speech on how sports had personally shaped her life and helped her overcome difficulty. A day after the telecast, Deepika would post both #DaDaDing video on Facebook for her 32 million fans.  

As the internet kicked into a frenzy on Deepika’s speech, the video debuted on YouTube with heavy promotion against popular Bollywood and music content. As #DaDaDing video featured professional & everyday women athletes with a special cameo from Deepika, searches around these women jumped. To capture this interest, Mindshare covered their stories with online publications (PopXo & Hauterfly) who are today’s voice for young women. As major sites and bloggers covered #DaDaDing and the women featured, it identified these sites and targeted them to invite users to join the movement.  


#DaDaDing was streamed 1.5 million times between June-July’16. Post video launch, the track reached #1 on iTunes India & Shazam's India Charts with no paid effort on those platforms. 

The music video was also viewed 11.8 million times, 54% were organic views on Facebook & YouTube, well beating the organic trend of 20-30% of total views. 

Tracked over 30 pieces of FB & YouTube videos shared by users inspired & moving to #DaDaDing. 

A day after the telecast of Deepika’s speech at IIFA, searches for Nike jumped by 350% leading the agency to activate YouTube search for #DaDaDing (this drove 70% all impressions on YouTube). 

Against seven planned articles, saw a further 250 articles from leading online publications covering #DaDaDing. 

The jewel in the crown: #DaDaDing was picked up and discussed by Sheryl Sandberg on her own Facebook page; the ultimate stamp of approval for a movement aimed at making women unstoppable.  

The real heros of #DaDaDing were the everyday women athletes seen prominently in the music video to whom any user could relate to and be inspired to ‘Find Their Edge’. The reception #DaDaDing saw online is proof of that.

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May - August 2016
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