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JOHNSON’S® Baby Blogger Series

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Johnson’s Baby dominates the baby care MENA market. However, due to increased competition, market shares for Wipes had declined from 57% to 33% over 2013 – 2015. In 2014, Johnson’s had strong media spends with 90% SOV in GCC but in Egypt, Easy Care dominated with 100% SOV and high TV spends. By 2015, another brand, Cool & Cool was able to erode Johnson’s position decreasing SOV to 56% in the GCC and in Egypt Lara Wipes increased spends to capture 94% SOV. It was getting crowded but inconsistently so.  

With greater commoditization and the category becoming diluted, the strategic challenge was to maintain Johnson’s Baby as the undisputed leader in wipes by recruiting new mums and regaining consumers that may have lapsed out of the brand.  

With Johnson’s Baby products, mums are taught how to care, clean and grow their child. As babies grow, letting them explore things around by themselves increases their cognitive function, motor skills, independence and confidence. When applied to self-feeding, this method is known as ‘baby led weaning’. While letting the baby explore is wonderful, it creates a lot of messy moments the child can get into. Johnson’s Baby Wipes comes to the rescue of parents and help them clean their ‘precious ones’ from anything they curiously touch or make a mess with. In addition to the business goals, it had a challenge of connecting with them on a brand level, creating a world where joy, learnings and development came from messy moments.   


Agency research indicated that Vloggers are the real brand social celebrities. Moreover, 58% of mums are searching for videos about products before purchase and 69% turning to YouTube first. Based on these facts J3 MENA decided to create video content.   

The target audience was 18-35 year old ABC1 mums (Arabs both local and expat) with babies aged between 0-2 years old - mums who were switching between several competitor brands.  

To drive brand awareness, drive involvement and ultimately drive sales it was important to be relatable to mums’ own experiences, highlight product usage occasions and drive them to seek more information to purchase. It wanted mums in the region to ‘Celebrate the Mess!’ their babies created. This gave a platform and the opportunity to drive each objective on every step of the path to purchase. 

The market is filled with messages for mum’s mostly using the best for your baby approach; it needed content that could not be ignored. The target mums were already consuming food, travel and make up related content from experts every day.   

From this came the big idea - Let babies become the experts while showcasing their humorous moments in ‘blogger style’ videos whilst they experience the messy delights the world offers their tiny worlds. 


The idea was brought to life by creating three videos with exaggerated views of baby’s messy moments and how Wipes come to the rescue. The creative treatment included mocking the blogger tutorial videos with babies - makeup, cooking, and travel. Using an adult voice to educate audiences “how to” in a non-obtrusive, playful way making product usage as relatable as possible.   

A comprehensive media distribution plan was mobilised to take the content to the target mums. Video platforms formed the cornerstone of the plan. Supplementary channels were carefully selected to drive the campaign KPIs.    

All content was hosted on the brand’s YouTube page; all media activity was geared to drive video views, sharing and engagement with the content and the brand.     

Promoted video views and posts on Facebook allowed the agency to integrate into mums’ daily lives and drive the social aspect of the activity.   

It used programmatic/display to capture mums’ attention in places where content was most relevant to them and drove them to YouTube to consume and share the content through retargeting.  

Mobile Rich Media was employed to capture mums’ on an always on platform to further drive engagement with the brand. 

Lastly, it used TV to garner rapid mass reach and drive awareness with the messy moments TVC. 


The campaign was so successful that the Johnson & Johnson EMEA team has launched the blogger videos in the UK and across the rest of EMEA in 2017. Turkey and Russia have also requested to use these videos. A locally relevant campaign has now become a global campaign!  

Brand lift recorded on Awareness at 23% (best in class) and 13.6% lift on purchase intent (highest recorded in MENA in the category to date). 89% sales growth in Egypt directly attributed to the campaign period and market share reached 30%. 

A total of 12.4 million video views across the bespoke content and online TVC via digital were achieved. Pan Arab TV reach was 70% with Egypt at 63%.  

Other Media results were equally successful. 

Achieved Awareness Metrics: 
 42M media impressions ↑ 35% above target 
• 7.7M video views ↑ 185% above target 
• 875K clicks ↑ 162% above target 
• 7.9M reach on Facebook ↑ 193% above target 
• 53M Facebook impressions ↑ 377% above target 
• 4.7M Facebook video views ↑ 441% above target 
• 70% reach and no. 1 SOV Pan Arab TV (on target) 
• 63% reach and no. 1 SOV on Egypt TV (above target) 

Achieved Involvement Metrics: 
 17.35% engagement rate on Facebook (5% target) 
• Average VTR of 40% across media (25% target) 
 455K Organic Facebook reach 

Achieved Seek More Metrics:  
• 5% average CTR on branded and non-branded keywords (3% target) 

Building on the success the brand is well underway conceptualising more ‘Baby Blogger 2.0’ content in 2017 to continue driving brand equity and differentiation in a cluttered and commoditised category.

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Johnson's Baby
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