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The chocolate category is estimated at 3.2 billion EGP. It has been witnessing several fluctuations over the past three years. FY 2016, the Category was growing at 9.1% and this growth was driven by: Inflation, premium mix and product innovation vs. previous years where economy offers were driving the growth.  Despite Mondelez being the market leader with a value share of 41.2% FY 2016 while Mars value share is at 29.7%, its main competitor MARS is striving for leadership through ongoing brand support and new product launches and Nestle as well is driving aggressive growth with its KitKat range. 

Nothing drives trial and consideration more than an innovation in the snacking world. With that, Egypt’s favourite chocolate was uniting with its number one cookie in a delicious innovation: Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo. The challenge was, who does the better sell? Cadbury or Oreo? How could it make sure that this product innovation doesn’t steal share of snack in the minds of youth from either core brand? 

Although, youth are classified as one of the world's most engaged populations on social media, Egyptian youth were slowly getting lazy with their interaction with friends online. Conversations were dying among the clutter of content, and interactivity was resulting to a simple tag to get a friends attention. 


Starcom knew that when the best of two worlds come together in friendship, magic happens. Mondelez wanted to reward friendship by making two friends go on a virtual quest on Instagram by connecting 15 accounts into a story where, only together, they could reach an ultimate prize. By using Instagram it created an interactive treasure hunt that celebrates the power of two.  

Much like it brought innovation to the snacking world, it needed to spark innovation in youth’s social world. The aim was to create a once in a lifetime experience on a platform it knew youth were spending hours on. By bringing two friends together virtually through their mobile screens, it transformed the way youth engage on a highly unengaging passive screen experience: Instagram.  


Via Instagram tags and pictures the agency sent two friends on an ultimate mission to a virtual chocolate factory. Starting together on a single photo of a virtual city, each friend was driven to take separate paths, one through nature and one through a city. By clicking on the nature vs. city on the Instagram post, each friend unlocked clues to collect 44 different letters to complete the magic sentence.  

Each visual across both paths drove you to a new Instagram account. Each of the 15 accounts had visuals that when put together in the tile view of their homepage unlocked a new clue.  

In the end, when both friends collected the clues through their virtual hunt, they put a sentence together. In this race against time, the power of two unlocked a trip for two to Egypt’s favourite vacation destination.  

The dynamics were explained through video, and the mission drove virtual Instagram friendships across the nation. Oh the magic when two marvellous friends come together!  


- Cadbury Oreo reached 1.1% value share of total chocolates by December 2016, only two months from communication launch.  

- Sold more than six million bars in four months, over achieving target by 90%.  

- Cadbury Oreo contribution out of total Cadbury portfolio was 13% versus other variants like Cadbury Hazelnut which constitutes 3.2% out of total Cadbury portfolio.  

- The launch managed to grow the total Cadbury portfolio by 5% throughout September to December 2016.  

- Facebook video post views were 700,000 with 4,100 likes.  

- Fan base increased over 6,000 individuals on Instagram, making it the number ONE FMCG Instagram page in Egypt.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk
Brand Owner:
Mondelez (formerly Kraft Foods)
November - November 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
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