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The coolest way to freeze hunger

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Ice Cream consumption in Mexico is two litres per capita a year, which is very low compared to other countries like Switzerland and Norway that are above 18 litres per capita. 

Initiative focused on a known fact that “ice cream consumption is considered for special occasions as a prize or reward, not for any day”. There were sales increases on special seasons because of the positive correlation between hot weather and ice cream consumption.  

Mordisko is one of six ice cream products of Holanda and as a whole has a 42% share of market making the agency's challenge bigger because it needed to increase sales without cannibalising its own products.  

From consumer research, Initiative learnt that hunger is a key difference when consumers think about a sweet snack vs an ice cream. Sweet snacks are mainly to ease hunger. 

Consumers mapped more than 100 snacks and Mordisko Swandich is very close to the sweet snacks territory because:  

1. It has cookies  
2. It has the right size and format 
3. It has the right price. 

Understanding this the strategy is simple: position Mordisko as the coolest way to freeze hunger. 


To achieve this goal Initiative needed to use programmatic technologies in order to:  

1. Target the audience on the correct moment to capitalise on hunger 
2. Use personalised messages to boost relevance 
3. Use geo location strategies to be close to consumers. 

Through the use of #OwnIT, Unilever´s own DMP it was able to identify audience interests based on their previous web navigation or/and geographical location, and used this information to trigger personalised ads on video, display and mobile. 

With the use of DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimisation) it created more than 1,000 different messages based on interest like musical songs users have played on streaming platforms like Spotify or YouTube, seasonality like The independence Day or Mother´s Day, special events like UEFA champions league or local matches, etc.  


For the first time in Unilever globally, Initiative used Programmatic DCO on YouTube and delivered highly relevant ads to increase the engagement.  

For example if a user played on YouTube Adele´s song “Someone like you” it would impact that user with a Mordisko ad using the following copy “Let’s get rid of the lovesickness with Mordisko” and if another user watched the highlights or a goal of a UEFA champions league match it would target him with an ad using a relevant copy like “Hungry of Victory”.  

The agency replicated this same strategy on display ads outside YouTube to increase the reach of the campaign adding two more variables to dynamically boost the impressions delivery on sunny days and places that were close to point of sales, for example, if you were close to a mall like Antara you would receive an ad with a copy like “Beat the heat with a Mordisko at Antara”. 

To boost sales it activated a geo-location strategy targeting more than 400 convenience stores only on hunger day parts. 

It tagged everything with #OwnIt (Unilever´s DMP) to generate an audience list of more than 500,000 convenience store goers so it could impact them on other hunger moments wherever they are.  


They finished all the Mordiskos in the country. 

The brand had to change the communication because there were no more MORDISKOs at stores.  

Sales grew more than 40% vs last year, increasing the share of market from 7% to 16% of the total Ice Cream Category.  

Mordisko became the number one SKU in pieces for all Latin America in the ice cream category.  

It saw a 10% lift on brand equity against 2015 (CMI), increasing the consumption consideration in occasional consumers.  

It entered with 7% share of market into a new category, Sweet Snacks proving that programmatic and personalisation can achieve important business results. 

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