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Yili Little Big Achievement

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Over the last decade, the dairy category in China has evolved significantly. Following the country’s 2008 melamine scandal, the milk category concentrated on communication around product quality. Since then, driven by a mix of government healthcare policies, growing environmental concern and celebrity influence, there has been a growing consciousness of health and wellness among Chinese consumers. Many dairy brands started riding on this trend and communicated about milk being an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. 

2016 was the year of Olympics and many brands in other categories were riding on the fitness trend. 

Yili saw this as opportune time stand out from the competition and Mindshare soon found a unique insight. With the increasing awareness on health and wellness, working out is getting more and more popular among general population. On social media, you see people posting work out pictures of them sweating at the gym all the time. Nevertheless, a lot of people find working out intimidating. What if you can’t run 10 kilometers or plank for 20 minutes? What if you don’t have the luxury of time or money to go to the gym and hire a personal trainer? 

Does that mean you should never even start trying? Does that mean you can’t be healthy and are not worthy to share your achievement? A healthy lifestyle should be for everyone, it’s never too late to start now and there are many ways to achieve it. And whatever your way, it’s worth recognising. 


The agency created the #littlebigachievement campaign to give everyone a chance to feel good about themselves and share their achievement, even it’s only a small one. 

Social media would be the primary platform. This is where most of those hard-core fitness pictures are posted and people feel most self-conscious. With #littlebigachievement, it wanted to encourage people to be healthier step by step, and feel proud of themselves along the way. 

It wanted to show getting started to be healthy is a lot easier than you think – and fun too! And did not involve some kind of massive fitness programme with unachievable objectives. And in doing so it would stand well apart from a number of categories who portrayed the journey to health purely in terms of its end destination – the perfect body in a perfect picture on a perfect social media profile. 


Mindshare created eight videos to demonstrate that working out is easy and fun. These videos feature actions like squatting in subway, taking stairs to work, jumping jacks while waiting in line or even lifting your girlfriend up for 10 seconds, all of which are free of cost and leverage everyday moments. 

The videos were designed to be cheeky, funny and easy to be recreated. 

As the agency released the videos on China’s biggest social platforms WeChat (650 million users, a Facebook + Whatsapp mix) and Weibo (Twitter equivalent), it recruited over 160 celebrities and KOLs to recreate the videos. It made sure we included professional athletes like Olympian Ning Zetao, as well as less athletic celebrities and KOLs like singer and comedian Da Zhangwei. Because this was not about perfection. 

Once they started posting videos and pictures of them squatting in backstage and lifting their pets, people saw how easy and funny it was to recreate. User generated versions soon took over social media. 

#littlebigachievement resonated with so many that people that this soon evolved to more than funny videos and quotes. People soon started to use the hashtag to empower themselves. “You always need to take the first step, or else you will never know if you will succeed or not,” one user wrote on her feed. 

Mindshare took this observation and reacted with a series of motivational quote photos stickers. The quotes were loosely based on the most popular tweets. These stickers soon took off and inspired people to share their #littlebigachievement in all aspects of life. 


Little big achievement – a paradoxical phrase – became a way for Yili to truly connect with its audience in an authentic, meaningful and humourous way. 

After the campaign launched, buzz volume for the word “Little Big Achievement” literally went from 0 to 20,000 every day. Similarly, on search volume. The word went so viral other brands even started to use it in their ads. 

Yili created a buzzword out of nothing. 

People shared all kinds of #littlebigachievement: new mums going back to fitness routine for the first time after a dramatic body change, people trying out a sport they’ve tried before or a healthy diet they stick to. 

On social, 1.13 million original posts were created with #littlebigachievement. The photo stickers attracted 1.2 million users to share them. 

In total, the topic #littlebigachievement attracted 21.8 billion views and 565 million clicks on social. 

The campaign had incredible impact on brand love as well. Yili’s positive brand association increased 85% during campaign period. One fan even on social media she had named her cat “Little big achievement”.

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