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Business technology has outgrown the IT department. As businesses of all kinds seek new digital capabilities, they tend to split internal resources further apart from each other and further away from their critical business data. 

SAP knows that businesses need integration. They need to be closer to their business data than ever before – in order to make better (data-informed) business decisions. 

As the technology environment grows more fractured and complex, so are the piecemeal solutions that businesses are implementing. The typical company now finds itself with a hodgepodge of real-time software; real-time servers and real-time networking components, none of which worked seamlessly with one another – at least not without a costly and (even worse) time-consuming “aggregation” process. 

This wasn’t real-time. This was wasted time. 

Because SAP solutions are designed to work with each other, end-to-end integration is possible at speeds that “real-time” technologies couldn’t match. SAP’s system runs FASTER THAN ‘real-time.’ It was runs live.  

With that, PHD started talking about LIVE Business and demonstrated the live capability through media.  


"Real-time" is measured by the second, but LIVE is measured by the outcome it delivers in the moment.  

The agency positioned SAP solutions as Live Business, empowering business leaders to make better decisions because of live data. It delivered this through media in two ways; 

1. Educate the target audience of the power of live data through demonstrations in media environments: 
- Launching a Live Business Manifesto – explaining what running a Live business means, how it changes business processes and critically why that matters 
- Using live data to create business tools within ad units for its business audience  
- Sharing live information through dynamically updated content in media platforms.  

2. Affirming SAP’s corporate reputation as a business built for the digital age: 
- Impactful media with respected and credible partners  
- High reaching media vehicles and tactics while building frequency steadily throughout the year. 


PHD launched the Live Business Manifesto in an eight-page content piece in the Wall Street Journal.  

And then demonstrated the power of live data through its media.   

- With the Atlantic and Quartz business news platforms, it created a live business news dashboard visualising what the world was reading, live and in that moment.  

- With the BBC, it powered an interactive dashboard that allowed users to make input selections and receive live and personalised data solutions.  

- With the New York Times, it created a first to market mobile ad unit that dynamically updated leading news and business news stories customised for each user. 

- With Captivate in elevator screens, it dynamically updated the content with live feeds of news, sports, weather and stock market updates, powered by SAP.  

The agency affirmed the SAP reputation through customer testimonials in digital video and TV, taking real-life success stories, and targeting them to like-minded business executives.  

In targeted print and digital it delivered personalised, outcome specific messaging to business audiences.  

Using CRM, targeted digital, and social it drove the target to the SAP sales pages in order to drive qualified leads.  


Live Business delivered emphatically, shifting perception and proving that media drove leads and a higher ROI than last year.  

In shifting brand perception: It saw a 20% increase in "brand would trust" a 23% increase year over year in "Brand I would recommend" and an 11% increase in "brand would buy".  

In terms of marketing delivering high-quality sales leads, it increased year over year performance by a whopping 31%.  

Beyond converting more qualified leads, SAP's total return on marketing investment increased to nearly 10 to 1 in 2016, a 62% increase from 2015. 

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