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Shakira - The hunt for El Dorado

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Based on her social media following across all platforms, Shakira is the world’s most popular music artist. Despite this, when she released her tenth studio album “Shakira” in 2014, it performed less strongly than anticipated, only charting across a few territories. 

In the wake of this there were concerns over how “El Dorado” -- slated for release in 2017 -- would fare, given that the project had taken a further three years to produce. Research with Sony Music Latin America showed that Shakira’s fans loved to connect with her directly, and the decision was taken to develop a series of personalised messages, carefully curated behind the scenes moments and exclusive content pieces to achieve this aim.  

Shakira has a truly global audience, with fans from Australia to Venezuela; so the challenge was to make sure she and “El Dorado” were visible across multiple international markets, while simultaneously ensuring that fans felt a personal connection to what was being communicated. 


In order to increase awareness around the release of “El Dorado”, Landmrk and Sony Music Latin America collaborated to build a wide-ranging and immersive experience on LandmrkLandmrk enables you to position digital content in physical locations, anywhere in the world, supported exclusively by the mobile web. It can also offer a parallel desktop experience, as in this case. Having previously worked with Sony Music Latin on “La Banda”- winning boyband CNCO’s award-winning debut album launch campaign, Landmrk was thrilled to be faced with the challenge of engaging Shakira’s enormous fan base.  

Essentially, clicking on and moving towards almost 1,000 hotspots - or ‘goldspots’ -- situated in 99 countries worldwide enabled users to unlock content uploaded by Shakira’s team. These digital ‘treasures’ included: the first reveal of the “El Dorado” tracklist, behind the scenes rehearsal footage and the opportunity to take a Shakira-filtered selfie. Fans headed to their nearest ‘goldspot’ to unlock new content on days leading up to album release. 


Over 14 days in the lead up to the release of “El Dorado”, Shakira’s team built a deeply immersive experience on Landmrk 

Day One saw a clever reveal of the album’s tracklisting. Fans were sent to goldspots to hunt track names and numbers, which would be served to them at random. When all were uncovered and shared with Shakira’s Twitter channel, the full listing was revealed to the world.   

On subsequent days, fans who engaged with the Landmrk initiative were the first to see footage from the first day of recording on “El Dorado”, access handwritten lyrics from new songs and get a short preview of “Nada”. New content could be unlocked day-on-day until release (and for a few days afterwards), with one of the goldspots -- trailed by a video from Shakira herself dropping a heavy hint -- guiding fans towards a spontaneous performance by Shakira herself in New York’s Washington Square Park (a video of this uploaded to YouTube has now hit 600,000 clicks). 

For desktop users, the campaign was accessible at with mobile users accessing a branded map showing their location and those of the nearest “goldspots”. Teaser posts were amplified by Shakira’s strong social media presence, leading to #shakiraeldorado trending from France to the Philippines and the final phase of the initiatives saw fans able to take special Shakira golden selfies at goldspotssharing the results across social media and beyond.   


Within an hour of launch, #shakiraeldorado was trending across three territories. The campaign was picked up by major publications including “E! News” and “El Periódico”. The hashtag featured in excess of 30,000 times across social, reaching an estimated 622 million people, and the site itself racked up well over 800,000 page views. Of those who engaged with “Shakira: The Hunt for El Dorado”, 20% returned repeatedly to unlock new experiences, and in total people spent more than 4,773 hours on the site.  

The campaign repeatedly produced positive fan responses, with one user even stating that although she “spent an hour driving around like a buffoon, trying to locate a hidden treasure… (it was) worth every mile!” 

The goal of connecting Shakira to her fans and increasing pre-release visibility of “El Dorado” was achieved and the album went on to become the best-selling Latin American album in more than two years. It was Shakira’s first album to chart in Australia and was number one in 31 countries within the first week of its release. It also topped Billboard’s Latin Songs chart for 11 non-consecutive weeks and was certified platinum 16 times by the RIAA. 

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Sony Music US Latin
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