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The banking system has low trust in Colombia. Savers believe that banks earn their profits over consumer losses, don’t like that all services are charged and use banks only because they are forced to. Statistics show that two in five don’t save their money and among the savers one of their favourite methods was keeping money at home.

In the local market Colpatria acts as a retail bank and its focus wasn’t on the saving accounts market. Colpatria held an administrative position in which it shared consumers’ fears and mistrust on the system, which led to the decision of cancelling its commissions and offering Colombians services that could let them enter the financial system – in some cases, for the first time. Eliminating the charges for all charges in bank accounts was the way of offering new clients their ideal account.


The strategy began on changing the image that bank users don’t celebrate anything when they enter into one. A new behaviour should be shown where users would exit happy from a Colpatria office because it would be the place where they wouldn’t be charged for things that other banks did.

Colpatria would communicate that wherever a happy Colombian would be was because he owned a Zero Account – the zero became an important icon in the messages transmitted across different media. Local influencers that were recognised for their voices defending consumers were used to turn the negative opinions on the financial system in favour of Colpatria’s strategy.


The campaign began with an open question to users asking how their dream saving account would be. This momentum was followed by a PR phase with media all over the country in which the bank’s president gave interviews explaining the Colpatria’s Zero Account that cancelled all charges to users. This allowed to have a broader and local reach in the regions.

Influencers that defended consumers’ rights also spoke about the negative image of the financial system and used it in favour of Colpatria’s strategy. In print media two phases were established. The first one positioned the zero icon as way to remember the message and the second one aiming to create happy moments. In TV, ads showed the benefits of the accounts and had a call to open them. Radio spots used current news that generated happiness and attached them to the Zero Account. In digital all this momentum was summarised.


From February 15 to March 31, 2016, 400,000 new saving accounts were opened. 18% came from clients that were already linked to the bank with other products and within the new ones, 8% acquired an additional product. Sales between March 2015 and March 2016 grew 312%. A total 80.6% of the target was reached during the campaign. 

According to Scotiabank’s Ad Tracker, the brand awareness in 2016 was of 97% (5% more than 2015), unaided awareness was of 44% (+12%), and propensity to consider was of 49% (+7%).

During the marketing strategy Colpatria was among the highlighted news and trending topics in mass media during the launching week:

- 130 million mentions of @Colpatria. 3,500,000 impressions and a Trending Topic.
- 1,687 spontaneous tweets.

The free press reached 86% of the paid investment in advertising, reaching 59 media outlets, 28 cities and nine opinion leaders. Seven out of 10 leads became a new saving account.

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February - March 2016
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