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Activision Launches Innovative Multi-Platform Reveal Campaign for Call of Duty: WWII

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For the past three years Activision has broken records and placed its Call of Duty titles as the number one selling games of 2014, 2015 and 2016. In order to reveal Call of Duty: WWII, the blockbuster franchise’s fourteenth instalment, multiple challenges needed to be overcome. Those challenges included a fragmentation of COD’s player base across multiple Call of Duty titles and breaking through the clutter during a period rife with key gaming news and sporting events competing for the target audience’s attention. Would Activision be able to make the number one top selling game spot four years in a row?


To build anticipation for the debut of Call of Duty: WWII, Activision developed a fully-integrated multi-platform digital and targeting strategy across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google and YouTube. The strategy would include deploying a teaser trailer to drive tune-in for the worldwide livestream reveal. Utilising custom Facebook and Instagram videos, implementing a first-to-market ad experience on Twitter, and aligning with key sporting events to maximise reach would play big parts in the success of the campaign. The goals of the strategy were to spread awareness of the game to an all-time high and to launch campaigns focused on driving pre-orders.


Activision launched a first-to-market execution on Twitter, combining Retweet for Reminder with Instant Unlock to encourage users to opt-in for an automatic reminder when the new game would be announced via livestream. Users who opted-in for the reminder by retweeting were rewarded with an exclusive teaser video to surprise and delight to further build excitement and drive tune-in for the livestream reveal among COD’s core fan-base.

Next, Activision released the teaser trailer to the masses to make the Call of Duty: WWII worldwide reveal culturally unmissable. The teaser was promoted on Facebook, Instagram Stories, YouTube and Twitter, with each platform targeting fans, followers, subscribers and users who previously engaged with the brand. The official WWII trailer premiered via livestream on April 27 and was supported with a Twitter Promoted Trend, Snapchat Max Reach and Facebook Reach and Frequency activation to drive mass awareness and capture engagement data across a broad audience of gamers and sports and entertainment enthusiasts. The WWII trailer was also promoted on Snapchat via NFL Draft placements across Discover and Live Stories.

After driving video views at scale, the WWII reveal campaign switched focus to encourage pre-orders. Users who watched the trailer but didn’t complete it were retargeted with Facebook Carousel and Canvas ads to provide further game details, while users who completed the trailer or clicked to the COD website were served Facebook Image Link ads and Twitter Website Cards driving to the purchase page. Google and Amazon Search were also prioritized to capture hand-raisers.


Call of Duty: WWII assets were inescapable for Activision’s target audience, generating nearly 385 million total impressions, 78 million video views, and 700,000 clicks to the pre-order page.

Additional campaign results include:

• 4x increase in video views and 80% increase in pre-order button clicks year-over-year

• First to market Retweet for Reminder and Instant Unlock with a best-in-class 45K opt-ins

• Served over 75 million impressions and delivered 20 million video views across Twitter Promoted Trend and Snapchat Max Reach in a single day.

Snapchat NFL Draft and Max Reach drove a 35+ PPT in ad awareness, 11+ PPT in brand awareness and 8+ PPT in purchase intent.

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