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FANTA Shake it up, you're in charge

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The real challenge was this; older teens felt FANTA was for younger teens and were less inclined to consume it in social settings. Indeed the definition of ‘fun’ changes rapidly every year of a teenager’s life, so UM needed to redefine the brand in their minds to earn credibility.

To engage older teens The Coca-Cola Company delivered a new global brand campaign “Fanta is so good, it sells itself. No marketers needed’. The ads featured the new ‘Fanta marketing team’ – a group of teens who, with the help of a corporate marketing representative, built a campaign to engage older teens.

The sentiment was right, but it lacked authenticity; if there’s one thing UM knew about Aussie teens (brought up with a #nofilter view on the world) it’s that you can’t fake authenticity.

So the agency invited teens into the office for regular sessions to begin to understand what mattered to them. This intensely close working relationship gave a genuine insight into their lives, uncovering insights, small and large, that would never be derived by sifting through indices in Roy Morgan.

The key insight from these teen workshops was that it needed to invite more than teens to co-create with Fanta if it was to earn credibility – the brand alone was not enough.

They told UM that it needed to co-create with…the people they admire…the brands that they love…the platforms they engage with = a full sphere of teen influence.


Knowing nothing could be faked, UM’s connections strategy was to genuinely co-create the marketing campaign with teens, reflecting the product truth of creating ‘sensory experiences’ together.

The strategy was twofold:

1. Plan the campaign with teens rather than for them through a series of fun workshops in the agency.

2. Empower teens (and their influencers) to physically co-create the communication through interactive connection points.

UM embraced the challenge and put its money where the Fanta goes working with a wide array of influential partners brave enough to live its co-creation strategy.

The brief was this: hand over your brand, or platform and let Australian teens unleash their creativity.

Full access must be granted.


The agency created to act as the central hub where teens could showcase their creative flair online. The campaign had two key components.


In a world first, Snapchat (a core passion point for teens) let Australian teens create a branded FANTA lens which ran for a full weekend and was used over 3.2 million times.

It opened the campaign to teens through the people they loved. Popular local social influencer Jackson Brazier & DJ’s Mashd N Kutcher, launched Jelly Fizz in their own unique ways through social video.

UM fast-tracked credibility by inviting teens to create customised gear with the influential brand, Disrupt Sports. Then surprising 75 lucky teens with the skateboards, yoga mats and surfboards they had designed – which were shared in social channels.

It also worked with popular Melbourne based nail art brand I-Scream-Nails developing exclusive FANTA inspired nail designs with tutorials on how to re-create them.

OOH was used for mass reach close to point of purchase, panels inviting teens to play and create via interactive panels and a user designed Melbourne CBD Mural.


It celebrated four of the best creations in a targeted OOH campaign (murals) and in digital creative.

An online video celebrated the best of the campaign – viewed by over 60,000 teens.

Finally UM brought the best of the campaign together in an unforgettable live event in Sydney where teens came together to co-create with Fanta in person - creating a mural and designing custom surfboards to take home.


As a result of this 12-week campaign UM created the most visited site in Coca Cola Company history, with 292,000 teen visits, and an average whopping dwell time of 1.5 mins (not bad when the average attention span of a teen today is eight seconds).

Not only that, they created like crazy with 11,841 creations on the website and collaborative media units.

It increased all key brand metrics over the 12 weeks of the campaign:
• Teen consumption increased +4pts to May 2017
• Seen as a ‘fun brand’ increased +3pt to May 2017.

But importantly this translated to sales for FANTA trademark +2.7% reversing a -6.9% growth rate.

Jelly Fizz flew off shelves at 3x rate of a typical flavour rotation & 4x the rate of normal Fanta Orange in C&P customers –the best sales growth for Fanta in three years.

But best of all? It made an authentic connection with a new audience that thought FANTA was no longer for them.

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