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RACQ Pet Search

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Established in 1921, RACQ is one of the most well-known and trusted insurance brands in Australia. In late 2015 it introduced a new product; Pet Insurance. Following a strong launch, it quickly established awareness amongst the Queensland audience.

However, awareness was not translating into sales. Being a category newcomer, RACQ had low affinity with animals, especially compared to its major competitor RSPCA – Australia’s largest animal charity with established heritage in pet care, and the largest Pet Insurance advertiser in Australia.

To establish RACQ as the Queensland Pet Insurance provider of choice, it needed a campaign that would unequivocally prove its understanding of owner-pet relationships.

2016 Research from Animal Medicines Australia found that the role pets play in households has changed dramatically in recent years. Pets have grown in status from Companions, to full-fledged Family Members, with 65% of Pet Owners agreeing their pet is a member of family.

This has given rise to the phenomenon of Fur Babies where Pet Owners relate to their pets the same way parents relate to their children.

Owners love and care for them, sharing each step of their pet’s life with a parental pride. They take every opportunity to express this love; posting on social media, joining pet related social groups and setting up dedicated social accounts for their pets.

Importantly, research conducted by UM found that this love is unconditional, with owners of young pets significantly more likely to protect their pet with Pet Insurance.


Based on the insight that Pet Insurance coverage and the Fur Baby attitude go hand-in-hand, UM’s strategy was to encourage Pet Owners to protect their pet with Pet Insurance by giving them an exciting platform to express their love for their Fur Baby.

RACQ leveraged their trust in Queensland by acting as an impartial judge, helping proud Pet Owners settle whose Fur Baby is the cutest.

IDEA: THE RACQ PET SEARCH - leverage the love and pride Pet Owners have for their Fur Babies by offering them the chance for their pet to become famous as the face of the inaugural RACQ Pet Calendar. 

The winners would become the most famous Pets in Queensland, receiving a professional photoshoot to appear on the cover of the calendar and the cover of RACQ member magazine the Road Ahead, plus $5,000 in vouchers to spoil their famous pet.

This competition acted as an attractive platform for Pet Owners to express their pride in their pet while also gathering valuable contact details, with each entrant submitting information about them and their pet. These details created a marketable lead database allowing RACQ to directly market to highly engaged Pet Owners with personalised messaging to convert consideration into sales.

The calendar would be sold to the public to raise money for RACQ’s partner charity The Animal Welfare League of Queensland further growing RACQ’s affinity with animals and fuelling positive associations for RACQ.

The 75,000 calendars will act as a lasting engagement medium; hanging on pet lovers’ walls and helping them organise their lives.

The agency set three tasks to ensure the competition’s success:
1. Use mass media to INVITE Pet Owners to enter the competition
2. ENGAGE Pet Owners through dynamic media channels by making their pets famous
3. CONVERT interest into sales through personalised messaging.


INVITE: Integrated Radio, Print, OOH, social and digital announced the competition, generating fast broad awareness and invited Queensland Pet Owners to demonstrate their love for their pet by entering.

ENGAGE: To further encourage entries, RACQ offered all Queensland pets the opportunity to become immediately famous using dynamic real-time advertising formats.

- OOH: Using Stakla’s GoConnect platform and GOAs dynamic digital billboards, entries from the campaign website appeared in real-time on the billboards. This allowed over 25,000 pets to star on the billboards, literally putting their picture up in lights.

- Social & Radio: Radio and RACQ’s social channels supported the OOH, showcasing the best entries and suggesting photography tips to give each pet the best chance to become famous. Voting on the competition finalists was promoted across Facebook and owned EDMs. Several finalists took it on themselves to actively campaign on social media for votes with these finalists’ efforts each attracting thousands of votes with winner announced across RACQ’s social channels.

These dynamic tactics leveraged Pet Owners pride by offering the opportunity to share their love for their Fur Baby on platforms that reached tens of thousands of people a day. This drove consistent engagement throughout the competition.

CONVERT: Each competition entrant was followed-up with EDMs personalised with each pet’s name and picture. This ensured engagement with the competition was converted into sales. This personalised approach encouraged these highly engaged owners to take the final step in proving their love for their Fur Baby by protecting them with RACQ Pet Insurance.


The RACQ Pet Search Campaign smashed business targets over the 62 day campaign period ensuring 2,340 Queensland pets were protected with RACQ Pet Insurance. Without discounts or special offers, new Pet Insurance Sales were 38% ahead of objectives and up 35% YOY.


1. GOAL: Generate 5,000 Marketable Leads - RESULT: 10,785 (+115%)

2. GOAL: 875 New Pet Insurance Sales (0.64% of Queensland Pet Insurance Customers) - RESULT: 1,206 (+38%) (0.89% of Queensland Pet Insurance Customers)

3. GOAL: 689 Policy Renewals (0.51% of Queensland Pet Insurance Customers) - RESULT 1,134 (+64%) (0.83% of Queensland Pet Insurance Customers)

505 of the new policies were directly attributed to the campaign by matching the entrant details against new business results.

The campaign also resonated strongly with consumers attracting 203,686 engagements on social posts, and over 25,000 pets featured on the digital billboards.

The competition was a runaway success attracting 31,577 entries in just 24 days from pets of all shapes and sizes. A full 1% of all Pet Owners in Queensland entered the competition.

There were over 33,200 votes on the 12 finalists in just 14 days.

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