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The Pond's #ChangeisBeautiful Launch

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Pond’s is the #1 Skin Care brand in the Philippines and has been changing with the times to suit women’s skin care needs for over 150 years. But in recent years, Pond’s has been challenged by the rise of face care proxies in the mass market, and strong competitive heat.

However, ordinary skin products are no longer enough for today’s harsher environment. The world is changing rapidly, resulting in three major face concerns in today’s modern world: pollution & dirt leading to acne, harsher UV rays leading to skin darkening damage, and lifestyle stress leading to accelerated aging.

Amidst this rapid change and modernisation, the Pond’s Institute introduced cutting edge skin care technology that evolved with the needs of the Filipina. To reinvent itself and re-assert its skin care expertise, Pond’s introduced the NEW Pond’s Acne Clear, NEW Pond’s White Beauty, and NEW Pond’s Age Miracle – modern skin care solutions for the modern Filipina, suited to today’s changing world. Pond’s launched the #ChangeisBeautiful campaign, daring women nationwide to make a beautiful change in their skin care regimen.

With the #ChangeisBeautiful campaign, Pond’s showed women nationwide that change doesn’t have to be scary or difficult, because #ChangeisBeautiful – together with the all new Pond’s that helps women face beautiful changes with beautiful skin.


The #ChangeisBeautiful campaign spoke to modern Filipinas looking for solutions to their face care concerns, with breakthrough technologies in the new Pond’s ranges:

- POND’S ACNE CLEAR for teenage pimple sufferers;
- POND’S WHITE BEAUTY for young adult whitening aspirants;
- POND’S AGE MIRACLE for 30-something on-the-go women.

Pimple sufferers are problem solvers, looking for targeted solutions that will rid them of their pimples. They turn to search and content for answers, and their most frequently visited digital platforms are YouTube and Facebook.

Whitening aspirants are girls who have recently transitioned from one stage of life to another – either from high school to university, or from university to their first job. They use basic whitening proxies, like soaps and powder, to achieve the fairness which is their epitome of beauty. However, the whitening effects of these products are difficult to sustain in the harsh sun and pollution they encounter. They are likely to try new solutions if their celebrity idols endorse them or find products that can withstand the harsh environment.

30-something on-the-go women live full, busy lives. At the same time, they are beginning to show signs of aging – wrinkles, fine lines around their eyes, and sagging skin. They use basic skin care such as mass whitening creams, or basic moisturisers. They are concerned about their skin quality, but unaware that there are affordable anti-aging products in the market.

With these three different sets of women with different sets of skincare concerns, Pond’s created customised communication strategies that addressed each specific consumer journey based on their life stage, face care concern, and day-in-a-life.


Because of the advertising clutter from other face and skincare brands, the Pond’s #ChangeisBeautiful campaign launched on multiple high-reach and high-affinity platforms.

Phase 1: JOLT - Two weeks prior to the launch, Pond’s released event teasers via Facebook and outdoor LEDs in high-traffic areas. To shake consumers out of their complacency in their basic skincare routines, these assets created tension and awareness around the negative impact of today’s environment on skin. The assets also invited consumers to stay tuned on February 22 for exciting news from Pond’s.

Phase 2: PERSUADE - The multi-platform #ChangeisBeautiful launch on February 22 was an on-ground media event that revealed the new Pond’s product formulations to press and special guests. All brand endorsers and ambassadors were present, who were confident and beautiful women unafraid of change. Pond’s took the event a step further by also broadcasting it live on Facebook and Instagram. These social efforts not only drastically improved reach, but also made it more inclusive as all Filipinas were invited to engage with the brand and its highly influential endorsers.

At the same time, brand new TVCs for both Pond’s White Beauty and Pond’s Age Miracle aired for the first time on leading, high-reach networks during primetime. The same outdoor LEDs used for pre-launch also changed to reveal the new Pond’s formulas.

Pond’s took over screens in moments that mattered, via platforms that were highly relevant -- persuading Filipinas everywhere to become their best beautiful and embrace change with Pond’s.


The Pond’s #ChangeisBeautiful campaign was the brand’s biggest launch ever, reaching 22 million Filipinas versus a 9 million target.

Pond’s spread #ChangeisBeautiful on social media via its brand ambassadors, endorser fanbase, and brand assets. Pond’s trended multiple times, reaching 13.4 million Filipinas with 1.2 million Twitter mentions and 1.94 million views.

The launch event was covered by major broadsheets, lifestyle sites, and TV networks – resulting to 20.9 million earned media value.

The Facebook Live garnered massive reach, hitting 9.3 million Filpinas and registering 100,000 comments and reactions.

The launch of the new White Beauty and Age Miracle TVCs reached 18 million Filipinas in a month, hitting the targeted 73% reach benchmark at 2+ frequency.

#ChangeisBeautiful arrested the Pond’s business decline– coming from -5% retail sales value, internal sales growth increased by 10%. Average monthly sales also increased by 11% versus last year. 

Each core variant also experienced growth:

- White Beauty reversed its double-digit decline to 4% sales growth YTD 2017
- Acne Clear gained +140bps in market value share, +73bps in MAT household penetration, and 20% retail sales value growth
- Age Miracle gained +270bps in market value share, with 19% retail sales value growth and 38% internal sales growth. It also recruited new users, with +70bps in MAT household 

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