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What is Cream?

Cream is the global resource for creative minds in media. It's a gateway into a world of amazing ideas with a database of more than 3,500 brilliant case studies from around the world, a look at some of the innovators of tomorrow and expert opinions and trends from a dream team of experts from across the globe.

As a unique media intelligence subscription service, multi-national brands and agencies use Cream to share marketing knowledge and best practice across their portfolios and offices. Our editorial team uses 250 spotters from around the world that feed into Cream's library of case studies from more than 100 countries.

Cream helps to:

*Deliver value for your clients and customers through the sharing of innovative ideas
*Get a handle on the newest ideas
*See the latest media and technology innovations
*Stay ahead of the game
*Make your case

Our clients:

Ab InbevLbiLegoOmdSab MillerZenith




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Cream is part of C Squared, one of the fastest growing specialist publishers, serving the media and marketing industry. C Squared brands include The Festival of Media and M&M Global, offering knowledge and networking to senior-decision makers in advertising across the world.

To discover more about how Cream can help your creative process, your innovative thinking, and above all your business, contact Danielle Redwood on +44 (0) 207 367 6979

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