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Ford - Listen To Your Heart

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Health applications and functions are increasing on mobile phones, but these features were not being used for mobile ad purposes. Ford was introducing its brand new model to the Turkish market and partnered with mobilike to create a mobile rich media ad campaign.


Since Ford’s slogan was “To make the impossible possible, listen to your heart”, in order to convey the brand message in the most effective way mobilike decided to measure the heart rates of the mobile users. By doing this, they experienced the campaign slogan through the mobile ad and the brand message was given with the right context.


The rich media campaign was designed in accordance with the slogan of the new Ford Focus. While mobile users were spending time on specific mobile sites and applications, they encountered a full page rich media banner and with the special seamless SDK their flashes became activated.

The users, who allowed the camera to open, were shown a bar and then they held their fingers on their flashes until the bar got full, thus their heart rates were measured. At the end of the ad, the heart rates of the users and the slogan were presented to them. The heart measurement technology was used as a media first in a mobile advertising campaign. The brand message was conveyed to mobile users through the native functions of their mobile phones.

Check out the app in action here:


At the end of the campaign, more than 7 million impressions were generated. Approximately 500,000 heart rates were measured and the banner shown afterwards was clicked more than 100,000 times. The CTR was 8.57%.

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December - December 2014
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