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Oktoberfest Club Colombia

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The premium spirits category has shown higher media investments, which has nearly doubled in the last year. More people have access to premium drinks because of distribution strategies implemented by beverage companies who actively reach and engage their core consumers.

Arena Media recognised a threat in the alcoholic beverage category and had to strategically position Club Colombia (the best premium beer in the country). The brand needed to create and activate experiences to engage young people. The agency knew it had to create experiences that seamlessly transitioned from the offline world to the online world with the objective of strengthening the digital community.

Club Colombia launched a Beer Culture, making consumers “Beer Masters” while promoting beer knowledge. Beer Culture is the main asset and differentiator. The challenge was to create a memorable activation that stays in the minds of consumers for many years, eventually serving as a tradition and in turn making relevant indicators of brand growth.


In today’s global society, the millennial generation has access to everything at the click of a mouse and at the touch of a screen. They are aware of the best parties, festivals and events that go on throughout the world. Arena knew that it needed to create an experience and bring people together through seasonal events thus recreating Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest is the world's largest funfair held annually in Munich; Bavaria in Germany. It is a 16-day long festival beginning in late September ending in the first weekend in October with more than 6 million people from around the world in attendance each year.

The strategy was to send 10 people to Oktoberfest in Germany. The objective was to win influencers, generate content around this event and to create our own version of Oktoberfest in Colombia, amplifying the experience with our consumers, thus was born "Picnic Club Colombia."

The campaign was launched over two years ago and has been refined. Finally in 2013, Arena designed the biggest picnic in the country. The idea was to make the event a gastronomic and cultural experience for new generation of “Beer Masters” held annually.


Through a social media implemented strategy, where people could register with the product code on the website and participate in quizzes. Through the quizzes people could earn points for a chance to one of the 10 people to travel to Oktoberfest in Germany. The winners were the brand’s first influencers who then shared the experience via social networks.

To ensure the success of the campaign, the agency implemented experiential marketing designed to educate consumers about Oktoberfest. It displayed it in new brand format (TV, Radio, Magazine, Press, Aircraft, Digital Screen Banners and Showcases in Airports) with the objective of holding the event annually. The messages were designed to promote Oktoberfest through editorial content and disruptive ads.

More than 20,000 people attended the event with brewers throughout Colombia. People enjoyed renowned chefs, experienced the new wave of food via "food trucks,” artists, musicians and designers. The picnics were executed throughout different parks throughout Bogotá, Medellin, Cali and Barranquilla – the main cities in Colombia.


The ATL campaign reached 1,199,657 of the target (92%). The brand grew in three of most important attributes associated with a premium brand (compared with Q1):
- It’s a quality beer: (+4pp)
- It’s the best to celebrate special moments: (+5pp)
- I think it's the best beer in the world: (+5pp)

It expected 12,000 people in attendance; actual attendance was 21,800 (82%) across nine picnics.

In all regions where the campaign was implemented a significant increase in sales volumes was observed. PDV, Activations and Total Volume: Bogata: 933 to 1301, Central: 203 to 329, Oriente: 720 to 1394, Occidente: 453 to 786, Costa Atlantica: 410 to 631, Antioquia: 337 to 458.

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Club Colombia
Brand Owner:
Drinks (alcoholic)
September - October 2013
Leo Burnett
Media Channel:
  • FMAs shortlisted

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