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The Wonders of Pink & Black

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The hype around the presidential election was one major marketing challenge for Magnum to make a new launch stand out among the flooding message of two candidates on the run to the throne. With the launch of Pink & Black, Magnum is trying to once again to strengthen the credentials of its chocolate expertise. Delivering the pleasure through an exciting way has become the brand ambition over the years. And this year, crafting one great answer to the challenge of the election became additional homework to be solved. How could Think.Web come up with one tangible strategy in answering both brand objectives while overcoming the challenge?


One sure thing about "Pleasure Seekers” [what Magnum calls its main target audience] is that they are always keen to be in the frontline of everything new about their favourite chocolate indulgence ice cream. Seeing the challenge, Think.Web needed to find a tangible way of bringing the launch hype to the core of the election atmosphere. Yet at the same time, not forgetting all things related to "Pleasure Seekers" which is based on several interests such as Fashion, Culinary, Entertainment & Travel.

Think.Web focused its attention on learning the hype growth of the Indonesian digital audience towards the election atmosphere. They tend to flood their social media account with news about two strong candidates. Seeing this, Magnum decided to ride on the election in order to launch the new variants of Magnum.

It tinkered and tweaked the strategy, rather than going against the flow of conversation about election, why not ride the current wave and create something huge where people can participate and make the conversation even bigger? It would give "Pleasure Seekers" the ability to have the people power - they will be the ones to determine which variant will be launched. As to keep the democratic spirit high, the brand also gave them the insight on each of the variant candidates, making the brand communicate closer to the target market.


The strategy then translated into a national campaign of "National Vote" for two new upcoming variants - Magnum Pink and Magnum Black. The communication message concept was "The Wonders of Pink and Black" in which it introduced each of the variants in the same way as the electoral representatives. 

It started with a teaser period to introduce each of the variant candidates, and elaborated on the wonders of each candidate. "Pleasure Seekers" could learn more about Magnum Pink and Magnum Black through various content on Magnum’s social media channels. The agency also used several mediums as the playing ground for each variant for the digital campaign. 

Then it introduced the voting website which presented the ultimate question: "Which Magnum would you like to have in Indonesia?". "Pleasure Seekers" could then cast their vote on the variant candidates that they like based on the previous interaction. They could choose Magnum Pink or Magnum Black. After voting, they could share their action on social media, to notify their peers about their action and contribution. 

There was also an added twist with a pledge to paint one of Indonesia's landmarks with the winning colours. This also sparked interest and curiosity towards the voting process and the result. This is the basic formula on stealing people attention while also supporting the election hype in Indonesia. 


The strategy worked wonders. In just over three weeks the "National Vote" campaign of "The Wonder of Pink and Black" got approximately 5.2 million votes cast for both of the ice cream candidates - that number alone is almost equal to the number of total citizen of Singapore.

Which ice cream won? Well it turned out that Indonesians liked the Magnum Pink better.

The campaign successfully surpassed the bar of 3 million votes that was set as the KPI. Out of the vote Magnum also achieved good buzz on twitter, with around 54,000 tweets related to the vote, which resulted in 15 million reach on the particular voting campaign time. 

There was also a good spike in engagement on Magnum social media assets, with 7% of engagement on Facebook and 800,000 reach per day [increased around 76% from before the launch] as well as 4,000 average responses per day on Twitter [increased around 400% from before launch period].

The excitement was topped with the vast amount of free publicity that the brand got from the concept of painting Indonesia's Landmark with the winning colour.

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