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OMO WeChat Mother's Day Social Campaign

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In 2015, OMO’s goal has been to continuously land the brand philosophy of “Dirt is Good”, and make it relevant for Chinese mothers. The role of OMO is to become a mother’s best support, so it allows her children to get dirty as they play, learn and grow. On the week of Mother’s Day, OMO launched an emotionally touching video, to inspire Chinese daughters and sons, to thank all mothers for years of hard work and sacrifice. 

As Chinese TV audiences are down 25% over last five years, more TV shows are watched through digital devices. This led to a dramatic increase in branded content opportunities. Yet, with the constraints of number of TV programmes allowed to air by the government, it had also driven a rise in branded content TV sponsorship costs. This led PHD to explore other online content opportunities as an effective way of reaching and engaging the Chinese audience. 

On average, a Chinese consumer checks their phone every six seconds, 56% of users seek information on social media through mobile, and 60 mins per day are spent on WeChat, the leading mobile social network. WeChat has become a very personal and intimate way to share thoughts and emotions. At the same time, WeChat launched a new ad format on Moments, similar to Facebook’s News Feeds, but now sponsored with brand ads. With a huge user base of 550m monthly active users and environment uncluttered with advertising, WeChat was the right media platform for OMO.  


In 2015, WeChat became the dominant social platform in China, with 82% of mothers using it every day. At the same time, advertising on WeChat had only recently opened up to a select group of brands, and the criteria for advertising has been to provide content or service of value to the Wechat users.  

OMO’s task of allowing the daughters and sons, to give homage to their mothers, was selected as a pioneer campaign for Wechat to promote, giving the perfect platform in which to ask a provocative question: “What have you done for your mother lately?”  

Collaborating with Wechat allowed OMO a platform to celebrate the unconditional love and sweat mothers have given their children, while reinforcing its position as mothers’ favorite brand to care for and allow children to grow. Then it could deliver an emotional reminder on how mothers had gone through endless toils to improve their child's wellbeing, and how it is equally important to simply acknowledge and recognise her, on this Mother’s Day.  

This all adds up to brand awareness and brand love. 


PHD produced a sentimental video and launched it on WeChat's Moments ad feed, as one of the first brands allowed into this space in China. The video was released only a few days prior to Mother’s Day, as an emotional reminder to acknowledge all Mothers on this Mother’s Day.  

The provocative question was asked in the video: 

“All these years, have you ever washed your mother’s clothes for her?” 

“And all these years, how much dirty clothes has your mother cleaned for you?”  

The now adult – sons and daughters - are speechless. They have no idea. Maybe it could all stack up to a few stories high. All they remembered were childhood memories of growing up, running around, climbing trees…etc. Some remembered, as kids, only asking their Mothers to have the dirty clothes cleaned as they return home from school. And in their reflection, no mother would ever say no to them.  

“Your mum didn’t only wash your dirty clothes for you…” 

But she was always there to solve your problems. She was always more nervous and conscious of your needs. Because you will always be a part of her.  

Thank your Mum. 


The viral effect drove video views to five million within three hours of launch and total daily video views exceeded over 50 million. The ad feed attracted over 800,000 comments, 350,000 likes, and increased the number of WeChat fans by 190,000. The average cost per Fan was 1.5% of OMO’s normal cost. The campaign thoroughly exceeded estimations: 900% more than estimated clicks. 44% more than estimated views. 10x higher CTR than average WeChat Moment ad feeds, with the average CTR reaching astonishing 15%. 

According to a 3rd Party survey on users post video view (Source: Admaster post tracking): 

 74% of female viewers particularly liked and fond of the OMO video  
 19.1% viewers increased brand favorability towards OMO 
 11.8% viewers more likely to buy OMO 
 Increased UBA by 271%   

According to Millward Brown, the campaign also successfully lifted brand equity in two vitally important aspects: 

 Believe children develop best when they’re free to get dirt increased by 23%  
 Message association 99 stains = 99 growing opportunities increased by 27% 

All this, while bringing families just a tiny bit closer.

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