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Intimacy via Hair Touch

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Over the years, Rejoice stood for more than just shampoos or conditioners but had become an emotional symbol for love and a better life among its loyal customers. 

There were two key insights for this campaign: 
1. Young women in China want to have an intimate moment with a “Xiao xian rou” (Hot young stud in Chinese). 
2. Chinese social media is abuzz with trending words/hot topics which are very popular among the younger audience. Leveraging this fact, Rejoice joined hands with one of the hottest idols, William Chen, on social media to have a ‘virtual intimate moment’ with young females. 


 么么哒 (Mo mo da) is a very popular Chinese social term used to denote ‘blowing kisses”. Using smart word-play, MediaCom reinvented the term by giving it a double meaning adapted for Rejoice, retaining the exact same pronunciation. 摸摸哒 (Mo mo da), the new term meant “having an intimate moment via touching the hair.  

The agency utilised young women’s expressions to reach out to the young female audience by providing them with a platform to have an intimate moment with their most desired star. 


1.First, as a pre-build, MediaCom placed a customised Rejoice 15” pre-roll, on leading video sites and dominated “the first spot” for a full day before Chinese Valentine’s Day.  

2. On Valentine’s Day (Qixi), it developed an HTML5 page, accessible through different browsers, wherein users received a Video call/Facetime from William Chen.  

3. On receiving the call, he gave users the option to experience four unique intimate moments, which were the most desired moments a girl could wish for with a guy of her dreams.  

4. Users could even share screenshots of the virtual call (with the user’s picture in the bottom corner) on social media and even buy Rejoice products online with a special gift featuring William’s autograph. 

5. William’s popularity ensured that the campaign topped the buzz-worthiness quotient on Weibo – China’s biggest social network. This also helped in earning a lot of other influencers/key opinion leaders to join the conversation. 


1. Sales spiked by 500% on Tmall and 300% on YHD, the leading B2C sites on the first day of the campaign 

2. Rejoice products online went out of stock within 12 hours 

3. Ranked #1 in terms of the hot topics on Weibo with 140 Million readership 

4. The H5 facetime garnered 5.1 million page views 

5. Engaged with 13 million people on social media 

6. Hi-jacking the first spot on video sites garnered 194 million impressions (over-delivered by 10%).

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