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Introducing MILO® for Lunchbox with James Rodriguez

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“I want to help my child to overcome the challenges he faces during the day, especially when I am not around” / “My success as a mother is in every victory of my kids, but even more important is in teaching them that success is not a given, it has to be earned daily”. 

Colombian mothers are usually overprotective. For them it is very relevant to track nutrition and food consumption of their children during the day, but this is not always possible as kids now spend more time at school and outside than they do with them. That´s why mums are always looking for more and better options for their kid’s lunchbox and MILO® RTD is the answer to how mums feel about their kid’s needs of energy and nutrition during the school day. 

MILO® is a well-known breakfast and all day beverage. It has been for decades the favourite drink to start the day for kids and adults, and MILO® RTD was the answer to bring Colombian´s favourite breakfast drink in a convenient format. MILO® RTD gives children all they need to keep going at school, given them extra energy to perform at sports and achieve all their goals. 

It is not easy to control what children drink outside home, however MILO® RTD represents a great value for mums, as they know their kids are nourished and excited to hear the bell so they can enjoy their favourite beverage and take the best out of their day. 


A new category to discover and conquer for MILO®. 

How hard is to go out of our comfort zone? MILO® is the leader brand within the breakfast beverage category in Colombia, but thinking consuming MILO® besides breakfast moments and to be able to consume it out of home was something Mindshare never thought about it. However, it wanted to break the rules, to go beyond traditional consumption, to explore new ways of bringing together the MILO® unique flavour and “during the day time” consumption occasion, to be present at every kids moment. 

The agency's strategy was to focus on how MILO® could be enjoyed at every kid’s moments, not only at home. It knew that drinkability was very important; therefore, a to go format that easily fits in each lunchbox or bag will be the key for the success of the product launch and the link with this campaign. It managed to own a consumption occasion and the lunchbox as it was the first communicating on that specific occasion. It wanted to have the opportunity to show MILO® RTD like a rock star, a product not for few but for everybody. 

James Rodriguez (Colombian football star) was the brand image; he had a powerful role in the social media strategy and helped to present the product massively. The agency realised the opportunity to present the product in a different way, using and understanding the power of Social Media and people’s reactions. As MILO® RTD is made for kids, Mindshare built its strategy around James and his little daughter Salomé. She was the first kid ever to drink and taste MILO® RTD. The idea was centred on the idea that “The power of the picture will be the news for a long way”. 


The agency used one of the most famous people (James Rodriguez) as a surprise factor to introduce MILO® RTD. The idea was to have posts of James Rodriguez and his daughter interacting with the product. It is important to note that at the time of the campaign launch, the World Cup had just finished and James signed for Real Madrid – that meant he was of course the man of the moment. 

Once James and his daughter were on the spot showing the product, Mindshare's next step was to create a natural conversation focused on that particular situation. It wanted to make sure it could trigger this message at the right time. To empower the message, after James post it on FB and Twitter the agency developed a PR strategy to amplify the news. 

It contacted its most relevant media partners to tell them James was about to make an important announcement on his social network. More than 25 digital news networks attended the call, but none of them knew that this was about the new MILO® RTD. As soon as James posted on Facebook and Twitter, everybody started to ask and talked about the product Salomé, his daughter, was drinking. Under the hashtag #MILOenCajita (MILO®-in-a-box) the conversation was on and media partners spread the news on their websites and social networks talking about the new #MILOenCajita. Posts such as “did you see what Salomé was drinking?”-“Is she the first one to try #MILOenCajita?” covered social media and was the top conversation during launch day. 

Mindshare complemented this success with a strong media plan focused on digital and supported by traditional media. The media conversations during this day were huge in terms of product awareness and mentions. 


• After the campaign launch, the brand gained an extra 9 points Market share from its direct and more relevant competitor “Alpin” and reached 13.1% of total Value Market Share. In only nine months, it became the second player of this category and led the category growth. More than 42% of the category growth comes from MILO® RTD. 

 • MILO® RTD Sales during this campaign increased by more than 126% compared with the previous sales, reaching more than $500,000 monthly. It was the only brand with Market Share growth during the same period (Source: Retail Index Nielsen). 

 • Behaviour (Source: Brand Health Tracking-Millward Brown): MILO® RTD is in the TOP three most relevant products to be considered at the lunchbox consumption occasion for children, but even more important higher than Chocoleche from Alqueria in more than 20% in terms of loyalty, consolidating its place as the second most preferred brand after Alpin. 

 • PERCEPTUAL (Source: Brand Health Tracking-Millward Brown): MILO® is the brand with the higher perception of nutrition value for kids in the lunchbox. With a high association to “benefits that allow growth and  development of the children” and finally is a product associated with “benefits that brings energy to children to have a better performance” all those attributes were better evaluated for MILO® RTD than Alpin. 

• The Facebook reach of James' post was 8.4 million and Twitter was 1.2 million during the launch day.

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