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Make it Mammoth

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Mammoth is a flavoured milk brand that had not received any through-the-line support in over five years. Mammoth had been asleep for five years. 

The marketing challenge was to ignite sales for Mammoth, in a category growing at 20%-driven by big media budgets targeting mainstream consumers. 

Agency MediaCom saw an opportunity for Mammoth to target Males 35+, which was 30% of category sales at an index of 130. And to do so it needed to define the role of Mammoth in their lives. 

The Brand Insight: Power is in a Mammoths nature, by harnessing the goodness of fresh kiwi milk, the power of protein and the energy of real coffee, Mammoth can provide the fuel to tackle any task. 

The Consumer Insight: It was the go hard or go home motto of quintessential blokes that the agency tapped into. Males 35+ still feel like they can compete with the young bucks, but at their age they live a life where they flick between doing literally nothing and something.  

There is no middle ground, it’s either done better, faster and cleverer than you ever thought possible, or it’s not really done at all. Whether it be the lawns, the washing or watching a cricket game with mates. The switch between the two isn’t a delicate switch to flick; it takes something unashamedly massive with stacks of energy, a Mammoth. 

And when we say men, we mean every sort of man. From the body builders to the Stop-Go sign holders, from lawyers to environmental protestors, if you’ve got something to vanquish, Mammoth will give you the energy to do it.  


MediaCom's communication strategy was crafted to help kiwi men #makeitmammoth by turning the mundane into Mammoth. 

To deliver the brand growth objectives the strategy needed to: 

1. Demonstrate how Mammoth could turn the mundane into mammoth at the moment between nothing and something. Through research it identified high reach moments of receptivity: In traffic on the way to work, the gym or general errands and at sports games when fans are moving between waiting stagnantly for the next moment when they jump to their feet and cheer. 

2. Generate engagement with the brand through the use of influencers, branded content, social and sampling. 

It needed to amplify the message beyond the budget, so MediaCom went on the hunt for an influencer(s) who shared a passion with blokes that could propel the brand forward onto their radar at a time when traditional media couldn’t. 

Media market research showed that cricket was a sport that reached blokes (Index 295) – over the entire summer. Its very nature also meant long period of nothing, with intermittent moments of intense action allowing it to demonstrate the mundane to Mammoth. 

Within cricket, the agency found an underground group of influential cricket commentators –the Alternative Cricket Commentators (ACC) who streamed radio and video content during the cricket season. Despite a following of over 200,000 kiwi males (40% of the Pop.) They had disbanded due to various commitments- (read: excuses) of fatherhood, fitness and wives. 

If Mammoth could convince them to regroup for the summer of cricket, the agency knew, in turn, they could convince these blokes that Mammoth was for them as well.  

Overall it was going to UNITE men in their love of cricket via ACC influencers –giving the opportunity to DEMONSTRATE how Mammoth could #MAKEITMAMMOTH, providing them with the fuel to crush any task. 


1. UNITE men in their love of cricket (71 pieces of branded content): 

 Naming rights of the ACC continuous live streaming of the entire cricket season, the use of ACC’s influential talent and the creation of branded content across video, social and radio using both CGI technology and UGC. 

 A 7-part video content series: ‘The Boys are Back –Make It Mammoth’ announcing their return. Using CGI, Mammoth bottles were integrated into the content on billboards, buses and turned the iconic Sky Tower into a cricket wicket with Mammoth bottles as bails. 

 Game-Day branded content was posted on Facebook encouraging viewers to tune in with a Mammoth. 

 3-5 minute co- branded podcasts of Post-Game Highlights were also shared each day. 

 The ACC talent voiced Radio spots in 45”+30” and a bespoke 7” adlet, positioned between the something and nothing moments during cricket commentary. 

 Co-branded ROS Banners & HTPO ran across NZ Herald, Hauraki & Radio Sport. 

 ACC talent did pre-match samples - 4,000 units at 10 different locations. 

2. DEMONSTRATE how it could #MakeitMammoth (2 x ads): 

 Outdoor advertising showed men in everyday situations like killing flies, clearing the leaves, vacuum cleaning and ironing with the line “Don’t just do the chores –annihilate them” using 119 billboards Dec-Feb. 

 #MAKEITMAMMOTH encouraged blokes to ‘Show how you made your summer mammoth to win a trip with them to the cricket’. UGC was repurposed as social posts resulting in National News broadcasters picking up on the story on air and in paper. 


Before the activity began, Mammoth had been dormant for five years and was lagging category growth. There wasn’t even a Facebook page to have a conversation with the core Male 35+ consumer.  

MediaCom had the challenge of Igniting sales for Mammoth and it did this with a communications strategy that helped kiwi men #makeitmammoth by turning the mundane into Mammoth. 

The agency started from scratch through the partnership with the ACC – propelling the brand onto blokes’ radar and creating a moment for Mammoth between the something and nothing. Who knew growth lives there! 

It smashed the growth target in half the time: Grew Mammoth by 166% from a $6M dollar brand to a $10M over a 4-month period. 

This wasn’t just category growth: The category grew, but only at 15.5% $ growth. It came because the campaign shifted behaviour of Males 35-54 years over four months: 
- Buy occasionally: 45-61% 
- Buy Often: 20-30% 
- Buy Most: 0-14%. 

Brand Awareness grew 76-86%, consideration grew 56%-72%, total penetration grew from 13% to 15% and brand love moved from 12% to 21% in just two months - all delivered with 71 pieces of branded content and four Outdoor Ads.

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