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The Frus-Tweet Burner

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In Japan, women tend to feel hesitant to speak out their opinions against men. Culturally, it has been thought that women should act submissively next to a man, and though situations have changed in recent years, many women still feel pressured to speak strongly against a man.

With the development and spread of social media, however, Dentsu spotted a new trend: Women who were finding it difficult to speak out their opinions in everyday life, were beginning to throw out their frustrations on social media, such as Twitter.

To help free women from frustration, and to achieve engagement with fans, Kirin Nodogoshi All Light decided to take a step forward. Under the brand’s tagline “free yourself”, it wanted to create a campaign that would encourage more women to speak out their opinions, and change the frustration that those women are feeling, into refreshment.


The agency chose Twitter for this campaign, because women (the target audience) are fond of using the platform for its anonymity. This is especially true for Japan, since Japanese women tend to be rather shy and secretive.

The strategy was to get into the community’s conversation on Twitter, so that the brand would be recognised as a useful and interesting tool for them to use. To encourage women to speak out their feelings more openly and easily, it offered unique hashtags that would help grab the interest of women who were first indifferent to the campaign.

By sorting and collecting tweets using the hashtag, it exposed the frustrations of others, encouraging women that they are not the only one feeling the pain. The agency used the Twitter platform to visualise the unspoken frustrations of women, and by creating a structure that would change frustration in to refreshment, achieved engagement from women and contributed to liberating women from stress.


In Japanese, both “frustration” and “burn” are pronounced as “Moya”. In this campaign, when women tweeted their frustrations using special hashtags, #FrustrationGirl and #TweetBurner, Dentsu created a system where users received a burning version of their tweet. As the tweet burns down, words were picked out from the original tweet, leaving women with a positive message.

This is the first system ever on Twitter that turned frustration into laughter. The agency used a “promoted trend” with the hashtag #TweetBurner. Many people including influencers and other company’s official accounts took part in the campaign voluntarily. It then used “promoted tweets” to show people the burning tweets.

The brand collected data from the huge number of frustrated tweets, and issued a PR release. It also asked a popular musician in Japan to make an original song, picking up funny tweets from the campaign for the lyrics. The song was released on Twitter. The campaign spread not just on web, but even on TV.


The campaign generated more than 25,000 tweets. Many articles appeared on the web and on TV, talking about the campaign and its unique hashtag. The hashtag #FrustratedGirl soon became popular and is starting to be commonly used amongst women in Japan.

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Kirin Nodogoshi All Light
Drinks (alcoholic)
June - August 2016
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