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INFINITI Q50S - Unleash Your Potential

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The economy of late 2016 was always going to present a challenge to a luxury car manufacturer. The new car market was down 22.2% leading up to this campaign, and while INFINITI had high brand awareness, only 7% of auto buyers in the UAE considered the brand.   

While other luxury brands focused on engineering and the performance of the vehicle, INFINITI wanted to disrupt the conversation and be about the profound impact that driving a luxury car has on the driver, its customer. To drive sales, the Q50 campaign had to be a fully integrated campaign with a clear differentiation from the competition in a competitive market. Research told OMD that to cut through the clutter it needed to reach the audience through human-centric experiences.  

In its key market, the UAE, consumer spending was down by 12% compared to the previous year, and consumer confidence hit a five year low at 104. All of this makes it very challenging for the premium carmakers to sell cars. By studying further the target audience, the agency understood that 87% of these customers are more likely to consider a brand that involves them in the journey to purchase a car by creating a first-hand experience in addition to using breakthrough technology and innovation. It also found out that there is one passion in common, which is music. 


The main business objectives were to launch the new Q50, announce the new brand position and generate sales. Keeping in mind that to demonstrate that INFINITI is a luxury car brand that cares about the human experience above all, it would have to push the boundaries with the use of technology. OMD's strategy was to create a truly regional campaign, rich in content and experiences, that would trigger an emotional connection with the vehicle and prove that driving the Q50 would unleash a driver’s potential, especially when it comes to excitement, focus and engagement.  

For the campaign to resonate with the target audience, OMD needed to create a unique engaging experience stemming from the tag line “Unleash Your Potential” with a focus on music, rich content while harnessing breakthrough technology and innovation.  

The campaign had to be truly regional. The test drives had to be conducted across all markets and collectively measured. The content produced from the influencers during their test drives had to be unique. The music composed had to pay homage to the region. Even when it wanted to do an event, it had to ensure that it reached the entire MENA and guaranteed that every region participated and was represented.   

With considerably low budgets at hand, and fierce competition, the agency had to use unconventional media channels to leverage earned media versus paid to reach the right target audience.  

Beyond standard campaign’s objectives and KPIs, the ultimate success factor is the reaction of people behind the wheel of the cars and how it can unleash their potential – something that traditional KPI’s cannot measure. But by using innovation, technology and creativity OMD challenged itself to prove that the campaign tagline “Unleash your potential” is actually supported by facts and not just an empty marketing tagline.     


The agency launched the campaign by partnering with comedian and top influencer Badr Saleh who invited his fans to participate in the first-of-its-kind test drive. To track the experience of the drive of Q50, a state-of-the-art innovative brain-wearable-device called EMOTIV was placed on the driver’s head, to measures brain activity, track cognitive performance, monitor emotions, and record them as brain waves. It captured and collected their pure mental activities unleashed by the driving, proving that Q50 optimised excitement, focus, and engagement, verifying a highly positive and enjoyable drive.   

OMD selected a renowned music producer Yessian to take these brain waves and convert them into a soundtrack which reflected the excited mind and the thrill of being behind the wheel. This soundtrack was revealed and brought to life in a world-first spectacular performance at Dubai Fountains accompanied by a 15mx5m water screen which projected a special video documenting the launch strategy for the Q50 and highlighted results of the test drives. Using music, water projection, and the world-famous fountains, it captured the excitement of driving Q50, proving that Q50 is designed to Unleash Your Potential. 

To create further engagement with those at home, Badr Saleh hosted the event LIVE on Facebook from the base of the fountain and answered fans questions about his experience. The entire campaign and event were documented and various pieces of content were strategically released on Anghami, Instagram and Snapchat to amplify reach, create hype and ensure regional contribution and participation.  


Maximise Awareness & Hype: With an average share of voice on social media at 2%, this campaign broke INFINITI records across the globe. Its SOV in the month of December, during the launch hit 38% and INFINITI became the most talked about brand across social media. With 143,189 post reactions and 280 shares, the event also became one of the most talked about events on 

Reach Audiences & Deliver Shareable Content: INFINITI achieved record heights in earned media surge of 34,800 organic followers and two million impressions across all social platforms, with 360 content alone driving 3,771 shares. The event was picked up by PAN Arab TV stations including MBC, Dubai TV and Skynews Arabia amongst others, generating media worth above $850,000. The composed music was also featured on Anghami, reaching more than 15 million listeners. 

Sustain product awareness of the Q50 sub brand: INFINITI Q50 experienced an uplift of 37.2% in search results and an uplift of 183.29% in engagement compared to other campaigns. 

Leverage the unveil action to launch INFINITI’s new brand positioning of “Empower the Drive”: Across the weekend of the launch event, INFINITI social posts reached over 5.2 million impressions including 21,484 engagements, 871,777 clicks and 2,025,473 views. 

Sales figures and leads: Sales targets across the region were exceeded by 27% in the first two weeks of the launch, making the Q50s launch one of the most successful launches in the history of INFINITI Middle East.

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Saudi Arabia
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November - December 2016
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