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Brand research showed that awareness, excellent opinion and consideration of Chevrolet was significantly lower than the competitive set. Carat had to move the needle on all these metrics in order to create a successful launch. 

New Captiva had an exclusive feature, MYLINK, which was the category differentiator. In Thailand, vehicles in this category are specced at very basic levels and often far below similar vehicles in the developed world. Captiva bucked this trend. MYLINK is an infotainment feature which connects an iPhone or Android phone so that one can control apps directly through the touchscreen.  

Agency research showed that in Bangkok potential consumers are stuck in traffic for an average of two hours daily which is considered as ‘DEAD TIME’. These two hours are unconstructive and boring. Traditionally radio plays an important part in keeping commuters entertained but increasingly people’s attention is focused on their mobile screens and radio is just background noise. In talking to commuters Carat also realised that the repetitive nature of their journey also meant that unless OOH is refreshed frequently it too becomes just wallpaper. 

During DEAD TIME the audience were are open to explore new things to kill time.  


Very simply, the strategy was to make ‘dead time’ come alive again. It would use the commute as an opportunity to: 

(a) Make people aware of MYLINK 
(b) Enable people to experience MYLINK even if they weren’t already in a new Captiva  
(c) Keep commuters entertained and engaged with the brand. 

Most importantly the strategy was to let commuters not just entertain themselves but entertain each other and in turn help increase positive opinion of Chevrolet. 


Mobile phone and Digital OOH were the focused touchpoints deployed to act as “UPTIME accelerator”.   

Digital billboards (all were giant panoramic LED screens) at Bangkok’s heavy traffic landmarks, became Chevrolet’s exclusive LIVE screens for the target audience. Carat started making the dead time engaging by posting contextual relevant questions on these LED screens. These questions enticed the audience to share ‘fresh ideas’ on tips or tricks they would suggest to make the DOWN TIME exciting while they are stuck in traffic. They could upload text as well as picture live on the digital outdoor screen, thus enabling them to do something fun and exciting. They enjoyed this experience and thus participated in the conversations and shared more. The agency instantly turned their DOWN TIME into UP TIME. All the posts were updated on the Chevrolet Facebook fan page with hashtags #LINKMYLIFE or #LIKEMYLINK 

With this engaging media idea which combined two focused media touchpoints, Carat created a simple solution to demonstrate Captiva’s unique offering. It attracted the audience to create content, which in turn entertained them and hence they shared more. This encouraged participation and sparked conversations that led to positive brand experiences and test drives. This campaign enabled the target audience to enjoy and share their "Up time" and opened doors to more meaningful conversations and relationships with the audience.  


The launch campaign focusing on MYLINK helped to increase overall Chevrolet sales by 34%. 

The Co-Creation of UP TIME strategy entertained the audience and created buzz around the Captiva launch. This campaign generated 120,000 social engagements.  

The audience were excited to share content/tips during this campaign and 3,000 tips were posted in just 10 days. 

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Brand Owner:
General Motors
March - March 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
  • FMAs shortlisted

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