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Doritos Roses

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Doritos' target spends lots of time online. And Ketchup fans are very loyal. But penetration and trial of Doritos Ketchup were low. How could it give the target tools to spread their love of Ketchup? 

The answer lay in Doritos Ketchup’s scheduled return a few days before Valentine’s Day. What if people were able to share their love for one another and for Doritos Ketchup at the same time? 

So, Doritos Ketchup offered a way for the ladies to send that special man in their lives a bouquet of Doritos Ketchup roses. Each rose was handcrafted and hand-delivered on Valentine’s Day. 


OMD needed to be bold and because the launch of the limited time product coincided with Valentine’s Day, it could use its hook – a bouquet made entirely of Doritos Ketchup chips. By simply taking Doritos Ketchup and turning the product into the medium, it created the ultimate gift for men.   

The initial phase focused on women as the bouquet givers, but expanded to include all millennials in the conversation. The agency tapped into the inherent share-ability of social platforms by creating clever & irreverent memes & GIFs.  

Earned media opportunities were maximised by sending roses to media personalities, influencers, and celebrities. OMD also pre-seeded the roses to key media outlets and bloggers. 


On February 9th, the Doritos Ketchup Roses programme was announced on all of Doritos’ channels – with a funny and irreverent launch video urging fans to order a bouquet.   

To drive scale it focused on the sites where Millennials spend the majority of their time – YouTube, Facebook and Twitter – creating sponsored videos and posts. Subject to limited quantities (like the Ketchup chips!), people were able to order a bouquet through our site. Roses were hand-delivered on Valentine’s Day across major Canadian markets. The site also featured a step-by-step DIY Doritos Ketchup Roses guide for those who didn’t order in time.  

Luckily for Doritos the timing of the NBA all-star game coincided with Valentine’s Day and was being held in Toronto. OMD took full advantage. Roses were delivered to Charles Barkley and Shaq while on air for TNT, amplifying the campaign exponentially. 

After Valentine’s Day, it launched a compilation video of these reactions to show the how the love spread. 


The campaign was so successful, baseline sales grew at 8%, 2.3x the sales target. 

On launch day, they sold out within hours of release, and the launch video is 2.5x above projections, at 4.3 million views and counting. The response was so strong that celebs tweeted photos of their bouquets and #DoritosKetchupRoses became an organic Twitter trending topic.  

Doritos released a second batch of roses two days later, selling out in minutes.  

To date, the campaign has received over 56 million earned media impressions worldwide, valued at over $675K – more than 3x the media budget, and was picked up by People, AskMen, and Marie Claire UK, among many other international media outlets.  

Doritos Roses reached a top organic trending spot on Twitter. Based on the Google Brand Lift Study results there was a 247% lift in ad recall and 45% lift in purchase consideration among audiences who chose to view the video. Consumers were also 427% more likely to search for Doritos after seeing the campaign.

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January - February 2016
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