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Dove's Colourful Partnership

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Many women suffer when they find out that their deodorant has left white marks on their clothes. That's why Dove launched Dove Invisible Dry, the first mark-free deodorant to be tested on 100 different colours of clothes 

In Argentina, getting an outfit is really expensive. The country has the highest clothing prices in the region. A deodorant leaving white marks on clothes is unacceptable.  

Despite this great product benefit, Dove Invisible Dry has been available in the market for a while but young women do not understand the key attribute of it, which is taking care of the clothes’ colours. 

Why? Because Nivea, its main competitor, concentrates all of it communications on its black and white variant, a product designed to leave no stains black & white clothes. Even worse, Dove Invisible Dry had a restricted budget. In order to beat the noise from NiveaInitiative needed to have a deeper understanding of young women and how they relate to clothes, how they get their hands on them and take care of them too. 

Young women in Argentina (4.5 million girls) are highly connected (90% use the internet). Opposite to the classic and eldest Dove archetype, more than 70% of young women surf online looking for clothes to buy. They trust online shopping because of its practicality; the shipment goes straight to their workplace saving them a lot of time. They are extremely careful with their new outfits and the last thing they want is to see their new, expensive shirt white marked.  


When it comes to creating awareness of personal care products, brands always partner with big media companies, which guarantee millions of users to be reached (with huge investment required)!  

However, those media partners usually make deals with a lot of advertisers, saturating their sites and creating a harmful competitive landscape. Users are saturated with many advertising messages in the same place. 

Initiative's strategy for this campaign was to partner not with a media company, but with a company that could reinforce the product's benefit. 

That Partner was 


- Loved: DAFITI is the most important online retailer in Argentina when it comes to women apparel.  

- Perfect fit with the target: 3.2 million young women visit the site, 70% of Dove’s target audience. 

- Unsaturated: Dove was the first CPG brand to partner with them, as opposite to bigger media vendors 

- Smart Data: DAFITI provided an amusing amount of data (specific clothing items women were looking at/ the colour of the item/ if the item was seen or bought) 

- Link with the product: it could link the clothes and their colours with the Dove Invisible Dry benefit. Actually Dove Invisible Dry is a personal care product that protects skin and clothes too. So it’s not only about personal care but clothing care. 

- Investment: The partnership represented a much lower cost against than media owner’s fees. The investment was primarily designated through programmatic to reach DAFITI audiences. 

The agency built a 2nd party audience model. It created an audience that its competitor could not reach; it created Dove's OWN media vehicle. Blocking Nivea´s communications from the target.  

Initiative contacted relevant audiences via dynamic creatives that referred to the product and colour just seen by the user at DAFITI, emphasising Dove’s 100 colours tested attribute, against Nivea that only talks about black and white. 


It tagged all DAFITI pages. The agency analysed and filtered the whole product feed, picking only those items that were exposed to the antiperspirant, such as shirts, dresses, blouses, etc. 

Initiative created ad-hoc clusters to deal with the necessary optimisations. As contrary as 3rd party data with predefined audience packs, creating a 2nd party connection provided better tools to orientate the media buying more precisely to the campaign requirements. 

This way creativity was adapted to the exact moment of the purchase funnel, distinguishing between interest and intention. 

To those who bought a light blue shirt the message was: “Do you like that light blue shirt you just bought? Take care of it with Dove Invisible Dry. Proven to leave no white marks on 100 colours.”  

To those who had shown interest in an item but didn’t buy it, it showed them a promo message encouraging them to buy Dove and participate to win for free that item they were looking for“Love that green blouse you just saw? Join Dove´s Promotion for a chance to win it! Dove Invisible Dry. White-marks free on more than 100 colours.” 

Not only that. But those who bought an item would receive “smart product sampling” with the shipping. And as you can guess, of course it had personalised creative for 1) before they receive the shipment and 2) after they received the sample. 

Dove was present throughout the entire funnel process. 


The campaign achieved its goal; it connected with the target reinforcing Dove Invisible Dry's benefit through partnering not with a big media owner, but with the accurate data owner. 

The brand participated in every part of the consumer funnel showing relevant creative fuelled by data to an audience that no other competitor could reach. 

It achieved +235% CVR vs benchmark and reached 61% of the target with a one to one communication.  

Comms were so relevant that it doubled +2X the conversion rate for e-commerce sites, such us Dafiti or any other online retailer that are experts in the subject. 

The CTR performed above +2X times vs benchmark 

The agency reduced the effective cost of each buying, increasing the campaign ROI.  

It delivered more than 50,000 sample items so that women could test it out with their new clothes. 

Dove Invisible Dry raised its value share +16% when the campaign began against the previous month. The campaign helped Dove’s marketing plan to consolidate Dove Invisible Dry positioning and market share in the target.

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September - December 2016
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