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Nahdi Careem

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In Saudi, women driving is a social taboo. This has affected retail businesses targeting women significantly yet silently. And although many alternatives were there, like Taxis and Personal Drivers, it is believed that it was only the boom of car ride apps which gave women the relief they were looking for with all the privacy and choice architecture it has delivered.  


The aim of this campaign was to design a new choice architecture that goes in line with this global trend by offering a free ride to Nahdi through Careem which is known to have a very huge customer base due to many exclusive advantages that it has over competitors. Nahdi showed its customers the appreciation they well deserve by announcing that the service was completely free of charge.  


Starting on social media and YouTube, Starcom invited customers to order a car through Careem, a popular app-based car booking service, and benefit from a free ride to the closest NAHDI pharmacy for their personal shopping there.  

The initiative struck a chord with the female audience and after the first shock wave, it moved the campaign to outdoor media, asserting our invitation to visit branches, free of charge.  

Next step was the BTL: Starcom placed leaflets in all 200 NAHDI pharmacies in Riyadh, hung some on door-hangers in residential buildings, and sent SMS to all Careem users. A pop-up ad also appeared on mobile phones holding the Careem app. 


This initiative delivered brilliant results, increasing footfall by 20% in October reaching a record breaking 40,000 customers per day (Nahdi retail audit). The social and video spread was outstanding. Reach flew over the roof with an optimised CTR and CPV 25% lower than the industry benchmark (Starcom Saudi Report). 

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Saudi Arabia
September - October 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
  • FMAs shortlisted

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