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I Love My Age

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Yoplait was facing big challenges. Irish Mums trusted the brand, but they were less clear about what and who the brand stood for. There was little or no emotional connection with consumers. It was clear that in recent years Irish people had fallen out of love with Yoplait. 

The key objective was to reignite brand love and increase consideration using a brand new platform called “I Love my Age”. To add to this challenge, MEC was given one global asset, a piece of French video.   

Yoplait Fruit Yogurt had held the No. 1 or No. 2 market share position since 1973, however it had recently slipped to No. 3 and was continuing to decline being challenged by split pots, organic brands and private label. In order to win back share of Irish consumers’ hearts, it needed to make the brand relevant and reconnect emotionally with Irish people.

Whilst strong, a French video was not going to deliver against this challenge. MEC needed to take the new global platform “I Love My age” and bring it to life in an Irish context.

The consumer insight was that Irish people are some of the most community centric people in the world (source OECD) and one of the most optimistic nations.


In order to make the campaign relevant the agency developed a hyper-localisation strategy that would ensure the message was relatable and would resonate with Irish consumers. In order to do this it needed to create its own fully owned Irish “I Love my Age” content from scratch.

At the heart of the plan was the idea of harnessing the power of the community and the Irish love of a big get together; leverage that famous Irish community spirit and bring 104 Irish people with 104 different birthdays, together for the first time for a big party. It invited a group of Irish people of every age from 0-104 to come together and celebrate what it is they love about their age.

In order to do this MEC partnered with two local charities, Age Action and Temple St Children’s Hospital. They hosted the event at one of Irelands most iconic sports stadiums, the Aviva stadium located in Dublin, and invited the 104 people along with their families to come along and join in the fun of celebrating their age with Yoplait.

On the day the agency partnered with Independent News and Media who brought along photographers and videographers to capture the many wonderful moments of the generations interacting, dancing, laughing and enjoying themselves on this hugely intimate day. It captured a record breaking group photograph of Irish people aged from 10 weeks old to 104 as well as 125 portrait photographs, 40 video interviews, and eight hours of video footage from the day.

The images, stories and videos captured by MEC at the celebration resulted in a huge bank of rich owned content for Yoplait to use together with MEC across their media plans to hyper-localise the I Love My Age campaign in Ireland and win back the hearts of the Irish people.

Putting trust in a content led strategy was a huge leap for Yoplait who was a traditional TV advertiser and had never been in the digital space in Ireland.


To successfully launch a hyper-localised campaign the agency created an eco-system of Irish connected partners. It chose Ireland’s largest Newspaper and Digital company, Independent News & Media to be production and distribution partner, local national television station TV3 as the broadcast partner, two local charities Age Action and Temple Street children’s hospital were charity partners and finally the main partners were the 104 Irish people who participated in the event.

MEC chose six well-loved Irish celebrities ranging in age from 23 to 72 and captured 20” vignettes of them explaining what they love about their age. These were seeded out on national television station TV3, in conjunction with the global French TV ad, localising the concept in the minds of Irish consumers.

It then launched the Irish specific “I Love my Age” content that had been captured on the day itself. MEC ran native articles across Ireland’s biggest news site, reporting on why people love their age with video footage and photographs from the celebration.

It seeded out a range emotional videos of people across the ages talking about why they love their age through native ads and on YouTube and Facebook.

The group shot of 104 Irish people ran as a double page spread in both daily and Sunday national newspapers.

Finally the agency created a book of the 104 portrait photographs captured on the day. The book was presented to the global president at General Mills and the Irish hyper-localisaton strategy has been adopted as best practice in markets around the world.


Yoplait is now back in No. 1 position where it belongs.

Over the three month campaign period, brand love increased by 16%.

Consideration more than doubled and it succeeded in taking the brand off the shelf and putting it firmly back at the heart of Irish life with sales increasing by 4.3%.

This campaign focused on creating strong emotional engagement through hyper-localisation and it worked. To date the campaign has reached 90% of the total Irish population.

Through the creation of relevant, emotional branded content the people of Ireland have fallen back in love with Yoplait.

The Irish campaign has been shared as a best in class example of local content within General Mills globally.  

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Brand Owner:
General Mills
August - December 2016
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