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The Thrill Drill

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There is no doubt that Porsche is THE German sports car. Powerful engines paired with elegant and sporty designs. A picture painted over years and decades. So, is it still all about sports cars?  

By no means! Latest market statistics indicate a significant demand for SUVs with constant growth rates of 20% each year.  

No real surprise that 70% of all Porsche models sold across Europe in 2015 and 2016 were SUVs.  

In parallel, statistics indicate a decreasing demand for Porsche’s sports over the last three years, illustrating the image shift in consumer’s brand perception from the attributes sport and status towards comfort and status.  

To face this shift, PHD needed to embed Porsche into a sportive environment in an emotional way.  

The UEFA Football Championship 2016 in France was the ideal environment. Obviously, the best things about Football are emotions at its ability to unite nations and people beyond demographic differences and interests.  

But one of the triggers causing real goose bumps is the moment when all are singing their anthem. Translated into the world of cars, the moment you start the engine and listen to the sound of the car. PHD used this insight as its emotional anchor. 


The EURO2016. Porsche had no UEFA sponsorship, but the fans on its side. Or more precisely: on its passenger seat.  

The agency invited strong-nerved soccer fans to the race court and asked them to sing their national anthem at 190 mph in a Porsche 918 Spyder - flawlessly.  

Screeching tires, roaring 600 hp and singing fans on the passenger seat giving their very best for their country meant brilliant video sequences to be used to spread via social media channels as well as on online portals for European football.  

Users from across Europe could join via on board cameras and watch their opponents or country fellow failing with the anthem due to bouncing on the passenger seat and fighting against centrifugal forces. 


PHD invited fans from all qualified nations to the motorsport race track "Circuit Paul Ricard" in France.  

Porsche provided a 918 Spyder which the agency equipped with GoPro-Cams inside and outside the car besides microphones to catch the symphony of singing passengers and roaring motor sounds.  

Furthermore, drones accompanied the car around the track to provide additional bird’s eye perspectives. 

Fans gave all they had by singing their anthems with enthusiasm and passion fighting against centrifugal forces in heavy curves, all recorded on video.  

So, when the European Football Championships started it launched this most entertaining content just before the first game of each country on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook as well as on the appropriate country site of the most popular European football portal 


263 wrong notes besides 132 screams and 24 pairs of burnt tires.  

- From the invested €200,000 ($234,000) event costs, Porsche earned a media value of 4 million euros ($4.7m)! 

- Google Trends indicated that the search combination “Porsche + football” experienced an increase of index 7 up to index 100 within 18 days (1st June – 19th June 2016).  

- 5.7 million views in the social networks – approximately half of them by sharing 

- Even Jerome Boateng liked and commented on the German video on Facebook and Instagram with the words: “I give 100% on the pitch, and you give 100% everywhere!”  

- For the first time in three years, Porsche sold more sports cars than in the previous year causing a 4% growth, whereas the number of sold SUV models still constantly grows. Making 2016 to the most successful year in Porsche’s history. 

- And most important: Porsche's brand perception “most sportive car” increased by 2.8% vs. its 3-year average. Based on YouGov Brand Index.

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