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Rules Changers

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Johnson´s Baby strategy was to focus on demonstrating product superiority around bath/bed-time moments. Nevertheless, drastic changes in the Argentinian economy, causing +40% inflation rate and 7% drop of general consumption, were decisive factors to explain decreased consumption within the hygiene category, changes in consumer behaviour, and the need for brands to rethink their business strategies. 

The challenge was to concentrate on products that could guarantee a high volume of sales. Wipes were the answer: +2 wipes are used every time a Baby diaper is changed, to ensure delicate skin protection and proper hygiene. 

Johnson´s Baby Wipes are well known, but the market context was not on its side. Diaper brands dominated the market and lower value products became relevant. Disruption was needed to steal its thunder back. The pinpoint was to think about millennials parents, daily routines, media journeys and care rituals. 

Through Research and Social listening, J3 took a deep dive in parents´ conversations to find an unexplored communication territory: gender equality, active fathering, outdated public politics. Organic reach was conquered by share in social media of content that expressed strong point of views regarding these topics.   

Argentinians tend to relate baby care routines with women. It’s been neglected that fathers should play an important role in a child's development from birth to adulthood. The discussion goes beyond gender equality, it was the perfect moment to share Johnson´s beliefs: it believes that every baby deserves more. More opportunities for skin-to-skin touch. More bonding time. More sensory stimulation. More healthy development. 


Latin-America is one of the regions around the world where the differences between genders are dramatic, not only around education, employment, sexual health, but parenthood roles.  

In Argentina women earn -40% vs male, femicides cases increased 60% in 2016 and women tend to drop out more from the professional world after having children. Why? Because 75% of children’s care are labelled as “women jobs” and in daily routines families in which both parents are wage earners, mum’s average drops to 11 hours a week caring for children when dad’s goes up to just three 

Also, current laws, key points in the social transformation, are not prepared for equal opportunities: father´s paternity leave are two days off and only 50% can access (vs Sweden 70 days, Finland 54, Ecuador 10). The same situation takes place when laws like breastfeeding time off and kindergarten benefits are meant exclusively for working women. 

In fact, in the public space there´s also proof of that. When you go to a Shopping Mall in Argentina, you will find diaper change areas located inside women toilets facilities. Surprise, no Diaper change area in men's 

Nonetheless, we are living in a context where families and roles are moving really fast. Gay marriage is legal since a few years ago and there are debates on gay couples' adoption rights. The brand´s message has to move forward in the same way, letting go conservative content and expressing a social position. The agency decided to start with small change that could capture social transformation: installing diaper-changing stations in men´s toilets.  

It would transform the Diaper change ritual into a social movement and use the power of media to mobilise parents across the country. The comms strategy was moving from daily rituals, to create lasting cultural impact. It set out to prove that behaviour can be changed. 


First, J3 chose the most crowded Shopping Mall from Buenos Aires. Then it installed Diaper-changing stations in Men´s Toilets Facilities. Hidden cameras would record their reactions. And finally it would capture their testimonies when coming out from the experience.  

At the same time the video was being produced, a petition to "Install Diaper-changing stations in every Male Toilet across the country" was uploaded to Change.ORG, the biggest social change platform around the world.   

The agency started A/B testing the campaign objectives (Brand Awareness / Video Views) and realised that running the campaign through Video Views objective will provide better results in terms of engagement, increasing it by 275%. When users clicked, they landed in site where could sign the petition. 

After running the campaign in different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), Facebook was the one where the audience had interacted the most in terms of likes, comments and shares. Amazingly, the video and the message were really welcomed by the audience: organic reach took it to another level! 

At first, the campaign was meant to run only for a few weeks, but the performance was so outstanding, the agency decided to extend the time, allocate additional budget and broaden even more the audience. 

In addition, it partnered with one of the most important News Eco-System in Argentina, La Nación, to pursue incremental social buzz through content. 

Finally, it decided to go further and started replicating the activation in another Southern Cone country: Paraguay.  


The campaign achieved spectacular results by supporting social change!  

Johnson's Baby was the first brand in the Baby Care category to support and enhance a law initiative in Argentina.  

6.5 Million people watched the video, reaching 94% of the target audience and achieving 23,343,760 impressions. 

Not only parents watched the video, they have also decided to share it, commented and reacted towards it. It was achieved with the campaign 59,700 interactions and 13,500 shares. 

The campaign created unprecedented organic interactions versus previous Johnson’s Baby Campaigns: +4,612% shares, +810% reactions and +1,702% comments. Rules changers became the Hero content in 2016. 

In addition, the petition in Change.ORG was created to collect signatures for the cause and around 5,000 people signed it.  

And the best bit? the campaign got amazing brand results:  

Johnson´s Baby has grown 10 points in brand saliency vs. 2015. In terms of sales value share increased 9 points vs 2015.  Johnson´s baby Wipes grew +70% in sales volume since its launch. 

It succeeded its goal: amplified a social request about equal parenting that became law! Because every baby deserves more. More bonding time. More healthy development. With Mom AND Dad.

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November - December 2016
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