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Life Saving Stickers

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In Queensland, one in three motorists exceed the 50km/h speed limits in residential areas, where many children live. Despite constant exposure to so many road safety messages, it just wasn’t hitting home, and drivers were switching off.

In an effort to reduce speeding in 50km/h residential zones, agency GPY&R was tasked with getting people to change the way they thought about speeding. It didn’t just want to remind drivers to slow down, but to immediately change driving behaviour. It needed to find a way to put the safety in front of the driver and create a real-time reminder to change speeding behaviour for good.


Over 850,000 bins line the streets on Queensland weekly – an untapped media platform in prime position to target drivers right at the exact moment they could be speeding.

The agency created Life Saving Stickers – a set of stickers to place on rubbish bins – to enable residents to send real-time reminders to drivers in their street to slow down, right at the moment a driver’s foot was on the pedal. The stickers resembled children, similar to those who would call these residential streets home, as well as 50km/h speed limit stickers. The stickers ranged in child age, height and activity – whether they were playing or going to school.

The stickers turned a government-led safety message into a much more personal one, with residents giving a one-on-one reminder to drivers in their street.

The initiative was launched on social media, enabling the agency to target active community groups, parenting groups, as well as road safety organisations and initiatives – to stir a necessary safety conversation and generate a strong response of orders.


The launch of the campaign was timed to coincide with the return from school holidays, when you would see more children on the streets on their way to and from school.

The agency launched a video on social media during back-to-school week. The stickers were distributed online and at local city councils. The public could receive their own set of stickers or opt in for a set for each household on their street, or even for employees in their organisation, working to drive more social amplification and convince other councils to get on board.

The public were then encouraged to place the stickers on their bins to remind drivers to slow down and watch out. They could then share a photo of their Life Saving Sticker on social media using the #LifeSavingStickers.

The news immediately spread to major national news broadcasters, influential talk shows and different council social media pages.

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Following the launch on social media, the initial print run of 100,000 stickers was snapped up in just three days. Before long, parents, residents, community groups, school bodies and large organisations were chasing down stickers for their own streets.

The launch video received over 5,000 shares and the Australian Road Safety Foundation page earned around 1,200 new followers.

Life Saving Stickers gained strong support from the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, national news stations and major talk shows. The cause was also tweeted by Australian V8 Supercar Champion Craig Lowndes, driving an additional 200,000 followers to the Facebook page.

In the Easter Road Toll, one of the most punishing times for fatalities, no deaths were recorded on Queensland roads for the first time in 20 years. 

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