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HCD Rink Bingo

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Hockey Club Davos is the most successful Swiss ice-hockey team, currently with 31 championship titles. But financially, the club is still highly dependent on merchandise and catering sales. The challenge was to develop an idea to increase sales for all concession partners. 


The target group consists of fans in the stadium as well as fans watching the game at home via a second screen. The idea was to create a call to action to buy merchandise or visit the bar and catering departments in the stadium. Basically, the App distributed discount vouchers – just in a fun way. 


During the match, players crash into the rink panels around 100 times. The idea was to turn the rink panels into bingo fields. In doing so, a new and entertaining game was born: Rink Bingo.  

With the Rink Bingo App, fans were able to play live and in real time during the matches – even at home via a second screen. 

The Rink Bingo App was used during the entire Ice Hockey Championship season 2015-16. It was announced at all games in Davos, via Facebook and flyers on site. 

Check out the campaign video here: 


Rink Bingo was a huge success for the club. In addition to the fantastic feedback from the fans, it was a real win-win-win situation for the club, for the fans and for all concession partners. 

The increase of sales was measured as following in comparison to the previous season:  
Fan shop: +128%.  
Beverages: +34%.  
Food: +46%.  

In total, 146,428 Bingo winners redeemed their vouchers.

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Hockey Club Davos
May - May 2016
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