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Missing Tag

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When a child goes missing, the first 48 hours are crucial to find them. The regular procedure in these cases involves calling the police, contacting a missing children institution, and sharing their pictures wherever possible.  

Meanwhile, more than 250 million photos are uploaded into Facebook, everyday. 

What if this searching method could be empowered? 

Missing Tag uses current technology in a way that was never imagined before: to search for missing children. Creating profiles for missing children, OMD worked with Facebook to use its facial recognition system to automatically search for them within the million of photos that users already upload on a daily basis. This generated a new real-time searching method where a positive tag could lead to key information to find him/her, such as their last location and the last time the child was seen. 


The strategy consisted in pushing each missing child’s Facebook profile to increase the amount of friends they had. As the amount of friends increased, the same happened with the amount of photos that Facebook would use to search for the faces of missing children. To do this the agency created a video, Facebook posts and a web page that invited people to add missing children as friends. Driven by empathy and sensibility, friend requests got so high that Facebook started suggesting the profiles automatically to new users, expanding the reach of the campaign organically. 


It created Facebook profiles for missing children around the country and a web page where every profile was available for users to add them as friends on the social media platform. Through Missing Children’s Facebook Page the agency introduced Missing Tag, where it gave information on the new searching method and shared each profile. As friend requests started to increase and profiles gained popularity, Facebook automatically started suggesting them as friends to new users. Missing Tag quickly became a sensation both online and offline calling the attention of users and media alike. 


Only a week into the campaign, it generated an organic reach of 1.5+ million with an engagement rate of 2.97% - most of the interactions included shares of posts and the video. Friend requests showed up in every profile and made them quickly reach full friend capacity. The campaign generated more than 70,000 new friends, creating more than three million chances of finding a missing child.

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Missing Children
March - December 2016
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