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Fiat Test Drive-in

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Fiat was launching a new car (Toro) in Brazil, but the economic crisis had proven to be a huge obstacle to the car industry - In January 2016, car sales dropped by 38.8% in comparison to the same period last year.

So, Fiat needed to engage potential consumers by introducing the car features to them and encourage them to schedule a test-drive. It wanted people to experience the new Fiat Toro.


80% of people who buy cars go for a test-drive before closing the deal (McKinsey&Company 2014). Isobar’s goal was to connect consumers to the Fiat Toro’s features, engaging them to schedule a test-drive.

So it did this in a place where they usually spend some time inside their cars: a Drive-in theatre (the last of its kind in Latin America).

Fiat created an experiment where people could compare their cars’ interiors with the Toro’s.

In a Drive-in Theatre, people tune their car radios in a specific frequency to listen to the movie, so Fiat aired a commercial in which a character interacted with people asking them to unlock their smartphones. Through the radio, it sent a voice command to their mobiles and triggered an immersive experience throughout the Fiat Toro’s interior, using gyroscope technology, while the character described the Fiat Toro’s features.


The first step was to build the online platform where the gyroscope technology would enable an immersive experience throughout the Fiat Toro’s interior.

After that, the agency shot the commercial that would trigger, through the radio, the driver’s smartphones using the “Ok Google” voice command.

Before the movie started, a commercial was aired, in which Fiat’s character asked people to unlock their smartphones. Through the radio of their cars (tuned in the Drive-in’s own radio frequency – 88,7 FM) the character sent a voice command to their smartphones, using the Google App technology “Ok Google”, followed by “”.

People’s smartphones automatically opened the Fiat website, where a 360 image let them navigate inside the Fiat Toro - using gyroscope technology - and compare it to their own cars, while the character presented the Fiat Toro’s features on the radio.

After the Test Drive-in, they could schedule a real test-drive on a click of a button. The day after, Tecar Fiat, a local dealership, got in touch with the potential buyers to schedule a test-drive.

The Theatre’s capacity can hold up to 500 vehicles per session (with an average audience of 300). Two sessions a day, every day during one month, gave Fiat an average of 18,000 cars (with two people per car, therefore 36,000 people impacted).               


In one month, Fiat impacted 36,000 people, increasing real test-drives by 314%.

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March - May 2016
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