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Unforgettable Costa Rica

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The issue of Sexual Exploitation of Minors in Costa Rica is deeply related to tourism. 

Sex tourism involving minors starts even before buying an airplane ticket. Behind forums, blogs, websites and social networks there is an industry interested in promoting the idea that sexual exploitation of minors is not punished in Costa Rica. This misconception is created through videos, images, e-books, comments and more. 

OMD's objective was to create in the people watching that content, the awareness that in Costa Rica, the sexual exploitation of minors will lead them to jail. 

For those internet users looking for sex with minors in Costa Rica, the Government offered them a free stay in a hotel they’ll never forget: Prison. 


The agency tracked down on different internet platforms content that directly or indirectly suggested the sexual exploitation of minors in Costa Rica. On those platforms it found videos, images, e-books, and chats implying this issue. 

To the consumers and creators of that content it left a message in the form of a review, comment or tip: An offer for a free stay at a haven for those looking for young girls in Costa Rica, and a link. 


Through a very selective process, OMD browsed through different internet platforms, from blogs and social networks, to porn websites. 

For over a year it tracked down the content directly or indirectly suggesting the sexual exploitation of minors in Costa Rica. On the “comment sections” of each one, it left a message in the form of a review, comment, tip or private message along with a link. 

The link lead the users to a website with the aesthetics of an hotel, once on this site people found images from the prison and a warning including the laws protecting children.  


After a year of meticulous underground guerilla work going site by site and comment by comment, the effort generated more than 11,200 warnings. All of this was made public through a government official ceremony that was covered by local and international news media. 

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Government/Public Sector
Costa Rica
June - December 2015
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
  • FMAs shortlisted

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