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Ala & LinkedIn

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Ala (AKA “Omo” or “Persil” in other latitudes) embraces the cause “Dirt is Good”. Every Ala campaign has a new approach under this scope. 

All mums say that they are fine with the fact that letting their kids get dirty is very important for their development. But, Ala was wondering: do they truly believe this statement, or is it just a saying?  

Well, it wanted to test these mums so Initiative created the Messy Learning Experiment, and to confirm its thoughts.  

In The Messy Learning Experiment, mums thought they were taking their kids to learn skills such as cooking or gardening. They didn’t know that Ala was actually testing the mums. 

The agency filmed them while their kids played with mud, tomato sauce or even paint. In the meantime the mums watched next to them how they played and got dirty. 

The tapes confirmed the hypothesis: Mums were not as permissive as they declared! 


Furthermore, many professional working mothers transfer to their children their personal and professional goals: “My kid is going to be a chef!” / “My little girl will become a doctor!” 

Please, let them play, have fun and get dirty. 

So the challenge was to make a “shock” on professional working mums about how important is to let their children live their childhood.  

Even more difficult was to get their attention. They are very busy working, receiving thousands of messages per day: brands want to sell them smartphones to be connected and vacation trips to disconnect, foods for their babies, for their dogs, for them to lose some weight and their husbands to be happy. You could name an infinite list of brands competing with Ala for just one minute of their attention. 

Initiative's strategy was to identify the exact moment to win the attention from these mothers that see in their kids the successful professionals of tomorrow. 

To surprise them and capture their attention it looked for a new context, a network that only adults use: LinkedIn. 

Ala created a direct message campaign on LinkedIn. Something that has never been done before for CPG products. If their kids were part of the professional world, for sure they would have their profiles on LinkedIn. So, the brand stressed that point, and recreated the mum’s imagination (of their kids as professionals) into profiles on LinkedIn. 


The agency created LinkedIn profiles representing Future Professional Kids, and using LinkedIn targeting capabilities, contacted mums from specific professional fields matching the Kids profiles occupation. 

All of them had a fake name and a brief description according to their field, but taken into the kids’ world. For instance, the future doctor had skills such as taking care of his toys and vaccinating teddy bears. The Chef had an exquisite taste at trying baby food and desserts. He was graduated from liquid and solids meals. The engineer was in charge of toy cars spilled around his house and garden. 

Initiative used Sponsored Inmail, a format that allows to send direct and personalised messages to the user inbox. This message contained a call to action for visiting the kids’ profiles and inviting mums to know more about “The Messy Learning Experiment”. This way, it raised awareness in mums about the importance of supporting their kids and let them get dirty in order to learn and be ready for tomorrow. 

The campaign was completed with Sponsored Updates, a format that impacted mums with more information about Ala’s concept while they watched their newsfeed. 


The campaign achieved spectacular results by finding Ala's target in the right moment.  

The Sponsored Inmail achieved a 41.90% open rate, when usually an average mailing campaign has a 1% open rate. Not only did mums open the Inmail, they also clicked on it to know more about The Messy Learning Experiment - a 15.03% click rate against a 0.31% click rate benchmark on average mailing campaigns. 

The campaign was innovative in terms of the chosen platform and the mechanism of the proposal. LinkedIn, as a new touchpoint for Ala, boosted the campaign message and connected with professional mums in a working environment.  

Also, the campaign has achieved great and long term results in Brand perception. Ala has grown 4 points in brand image vs. last year. In terms of Brand Equity Score, Ala has grown 5 points against the previous year and has performed great in all key attributes. Ala also performed great in all key attributes: “Recommend”, “Appealing”, “Performance”, “Better Quality”, “Different”. The consumer became more loyal to the brand, increasing the “conviction” KPI.  

This campaign has been chosen as Best Creative Case in LinkedIn Latam and was selected globally as Best practice on LinkedIn.

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Brand Owner:
July - September 2015
Media Channel:
Direct Marketing,Online
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