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Only 2% of Brazilians donate blood and usually only do it when someone close to them is in need. In Brazil, soap operas are part of pop culture, there are more than 100 million viewers that develop a strong emotional bond with their characters.  


Leo Burnett Tailor Made used its relevance by modifying the script of a prime time soap opera in a way that would make the main character, Priscila, suffer an accident and be in need of blood donations. Fiction became reality: she would only recover from the accident with donations from the public. 


The agency executed the campaign over nine days, while the character was hospitalised in the show, waiting for a blood transfusion. The fictional band, in which the character sings, did a music video, released in the soap opera and in real life, asking for donations for Priscila.  

Through videos released on social networks, others characters of soap opera did as well. TV shows asked for donations as if Priscila was a real person. It measured donations in channel programming. People were directed to Clube Sangue Bom or the nearest blood bank to their homes, anywhere in Brazil. By saving Priscila, donors saved the lives of thousands that needed blood. 


- An increase of 31% in blood donations 
- 83 million people reached 
- 431 minutes of exposition in open TV 
$19 million in spontaneous media  
- #1 on Google Searches, followed by president Dilma’s impeachment  
- 8 million interactions on social networks.

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Clube Sangue Bom
April - April 2016
Leo Burnett Tailor Made
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
  • FMAs shortlisted

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