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Bonaqua, the water of ideas

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Bonaqua is a young plain water brand that plays in a market full of strong and long-life brands. In this scenario, the brand has big challenges up front, not just to grow in a tough business, but to give to its consumers a powerful reason to believe that make them choose it instead of other well-known and traditional brands.


Brands in this category use to communicate as differentials their intrinsic benefits, origin, sustainability or vitality. Something any water could claim, just for the fact to be water, but owned by them because of speaking first.

Since it was born, Bonaqua promoted people to do what they want proactively and to achieve their goals in a balance between passion and well-being. For this campaign the brand shift this self-motivation approach into a platform that inspired and challenged people to be creative and have good ideas.

Bonaqua hydrates the body and mind, a brain well hydrated works better, what turns into having good ideas.

Bonaqua not only claims to be the water of good ideas, but also walks the talk by using contact points in a creative way to support this belief.


TVC: A 30” TVC delivered the key message: when you drink Bonaqua, you´re hydrating body and mind, your brain is made of more than 70% of water, so drinking Bonaqua is a good idea, like having a scooter to avoid traffic jam.

OOH: The agency transformed an ordinary OOH billboard, into a rain water funnel that watered a vertical garden in one of the main avenues of the city, giving the billboard new use. It inspired people in the subway by advising them with good ideas, such as reading while traveling, getting down one station before to discover something new on the way to work/home or letting people get down before getting in.

PRINT: A print ad on the two most popular Sunday magazines turned into an origami sheet, letting people transform a print ad into something fun.

DIGITAL/RADIO/SOCIAL: Finally, Starcom partnered with, a crowdfunding site, to support ideas from all over the country. It created a segment in one of the most popular radio shows in Argentina called “Perros de la calle”. Every Friday during one month, four ideas from, got the chance to win $20,000 pesos and reach a lot of people, to support their projects. The show used a lot of social media to engage with the audience, so it decided to give people the chance to vote the projects they liked the most via Facebook linking Bonaqua in this contact point and all of the others across the plan with “Good Ideas”.


This was a first ever “Good Ideas” linked campaign in the plain waters segment, letting the brand leverage its belief with great ideas across the connection points, owning something else than an intrinsic attribute, something that no other brand did so far.

All key performance indicators, both of the brand and business grew during the campaign period (3MMT March, April and May).  Brand awareness spontaneous +2pts (7%), Total brand awareness +2pts (95%), known +1pt (35%), accept +1pt (33%) meaning that almost everyone who knows the brand accepts it and considers to purchase. The indicator “Is innovative” grew +5pts (12%) clearly as a result of the creativity done. Finally sales grew +15% vs same period last year gaining +1pt of market share (5.8%) and +2pts of ever consumed (34%) as well. 

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Brand Owner:
Drinks (non-alcoholic)
March - June 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs shortlisted

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