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Kronenbourg wanted the people of Britain to know that it was the best tasting beer in the world. But how could it make the French lager stand out in the UK – the world’s most cluttered beer market?


The answer lay in the one French export guaranteed to make headlines and get Britain talking… football legend Eric Cantona.

Introducing #LeBigSwim – a challenge so audacious, it was impossible to ignore.


Eric Cantona made an announcement via a video on the Kronenbourg 1664 Twitter account that he would swim the English Channel to Britain if 10,000 people agreed that Kronenbourg is the best tasting beer in the world.

Within hours his outrageous challenge garnered the support of 46,846 supporters on social media and the PR strategy ensured that Eric’s challenge was a media sensation.

Then, the agency released its second online film with Eric’s confirmation that he would swim the channel – which made headlines again. It then kept the country wondering if he would really swim the channel with bespoke content  on multiple platforms.

Once someone had seen this content they were served more, amplifying the message and driving engagement.

Finally, Eric kept his promise and swam to Britain – but he got himself off the hook in true Cantona style, taking everyone by surprise and after a short swim jumped on a luxury yacht to travel the rest of the distance.

Check out the case study video here:


Britain loved every minute of it… The final video led to 83,306 shares and 91,898 likes.

And so did the press… LeBigSwim made major headlines at every stage of the campaign, making it the UK’s number one social media campaign in 2015.

It also increased off-trade purchasing by an unprecedented 14.5% in a declining beer market.

Overall during the summer of 2015, the campaign got everyone talking about Kronenbourg – with an earned reach of 66 million and 23 million views.

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