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The annual Christmas Lottery in Spain has been a national tradition since 1812. Each year Spaniards look forward to the annual Christmas lottery even if it means standing in line for hours to purchase the tickets. Nicknamed El Gordo, which means “the fat one,” prizes are valued up to more than €2.2 billion, making it the biggest lottery prize in the world. 

It’s common to “share” the lottery by buying “participaciones,” or “shared tickets” at offices, with friends and family, and at bars. The belief is that the Christmas lottery is unique because it’s one that Spaniards participate in together, and if they win, they win together. 


The lottery firm wanted to create a campaign centered around the message, "There's no bigger prize than sharing." 

So it partnered with Leo Burnett Madrid to produce an animated film and supporting social media campaign. It centres around a security guard working the nightshift at a mannequin factory who creates comical and touching situations with the figures to interact with his daytime colleagues, whom he never encounters. 


The short film follows protagonist Justino, who, with a little bit of creativity, devises ways to connect with his colleagues by using the factory’s mannequins to create situations both amusing and moving. His co-workers appreciate his playfulness each morning, and find a way to repay his generous spirit in kind. 

Beyond the film, a full social media campaign was triggered with content shared on a daily basis from Justino's own Instagram account (@justino_vigilante). In addition, the factory he works at even had its own Facebook page (Fábrica de Maniquíes El Pilar) from which it would report on day-to-day activities.  

Real events such as movie premieres or match days were woven into the content and alternative points of view from other characters in the film were featured 

View the full ad here:  


Within a month, his story was viewed over 16 million times, more than 100,000 people followed Justino's nights on his own Instagram account and shared the days with his co-workers on the factory's Facebook.  

The campaign was the #1 trending topic in Spain and fifth in the world, generating more than 150,000 shares.  

Most importantly, it increased the average Christmas lottery spend to 55.42 (approx. $58) per person in Spain. 

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Loterias y Apuestas del Estado
Government/Public Sector
November - December 2015
Leo Burnett
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